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…with the best news ever: at the beginning of November, EXTENDED SIZES will be available from Hermoza! So just before you start festively festooning your house for the holidays, you’ll be able to treat yourself to that suit you’ve always wanted IN YOUR SIZE! Sorry, not sorry. The CAPS are necessary, because real talk: we’ve been waiting to be more inclusive as a brand since our line first launched this past March.


The twenty-first century has been an extended sizing desert until the past few years. Some brands in the swim and resort wear industry have seen fit to meet the needs of the most underserved demographic in fashion, and we APPLAUD them. We aren’t here to speculate why extended sizing has not been more inclusively available with all brands. What we are here for is to acknowledge that many women have been clamoring for greater access to chic, dynamic styles. We hear you. Women desire to express themselves through pieces that showcase their inherent elegance and sophistication. It’s time that Hermoza’s work speaks for itself in the conversation supporting women and alternatives.


Hermoza celebrates femininity with the belief that every woman has the right to options. With our three distinctive collections, Hermoza is ready to meet you where you are so you can feel captivating in the skin you are in. The most regular comments we’ve seen in IG posts from our stunning Hermozas is (something to the effect of), “That suit looks great on you, but dang! I wish they carried it in MY SIZE (cue crying emoji). We are ecstatic to see and hear so many women want swimwear from our line, but we recognize there is work to do.


This is where the next season of Hermoza comes in.


We want our Hermozas feeling comfortable and happy. Confidence has always been our strong suit because we are certain no other accessory else looks better. When a flattering wardrobe highlights your best features and accentuates your natural shape, without restriction, you can’t help but radiate. Inclusive sizing extends to sizes 14 through 18 this fall, and the news gets even more exciting. We can finally share that we will soon feature swim and resort wear to suit women with petite frames or longer torsos. Talk about a win-win!


Our best shot at being the brand you need and deserve involves your continued support, feedback, and comments. We love hearing how we could better serve you which is the motivation behind our choice to remain a direct-to-consumer brand. This more personalized approach ensures we hear you and can use the information from your experience with our products to make real adjustments to our designs. We know all women aren’t shaped alike, so the fit and feel of our fabric and designs is something we don’t mind changing if our approaches aren’t meeting your needs, style, shape, or life. Period.


So far, we’ve implemented quite a few pieces of feedback to ensure our Hermozas stay ecstatic with our swimwear. The pieces in our Fall line include higher leg cuts, adjustable straps, and thicker fabric (even in our Movement Collection). We still put our designs to the test and are willing to jog up and down stairs and do jumping jacks in our prototypes to ensure the fit and function are perfect before giving the green light to the production team.


Our intention has always been to meet the needs of women who felt underserved in the swim and resort wear industry. Whether that includes issues of coverage, style, shape, or fit, we know you will find exactly what you’ve been looking for with Hermoza.


We continue to look for ways to remain mindful in our construction process, so keep posting feedback to the site alongside the swimwear you chose. Tag us in when you share your stories and pics to ensure you join the growing #hermozawoman community.


Besos, Hermoza


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Yes I need extended size too ! I am her daughter ! I didn’t know she had found you too till I looked on this site and saw my mother was the first to comment ! Two generations in extended size hermoza you got this !!


I want and need the extended size….please stay in touch

lesa whitson

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