What Clothes to Pack for a Cruise

What Clothes to Pack for a Cruise

What Clothes to Pack for a Cruise


Here’s what you wish you knew about packing sophisticated cruise wear that’ll have you all aboard for your next destination.


With your room really for just sleep and showers, you’re actually investing in time out and about where you’ll see and be seen. Why not maximize the space in your carry-on to minimize checked bag fees and optimize your options for luxurious resort wear turned cruise wear?


Pro Tip #1: Invest in Multi-Functional Pieces



You are hardly just one thing, and neither is your wardrobe. Consider packing items you can customize and style to your heart’s content. A short sarong cover-up is easily a head wrap or head band for a luxuriously simple updo as you lounge poolside. Or, consider wearing yours as a chic scarf to complement and elevate your classic mid-length maxi dress. A cover up isn’t just for keeping it all under wraps. When worn as an accessory to an already stunning outfit, our exclusive prints and patterns have an extra playful pop of color that is sure to stand out. What’s perfect is your short sarong takes up next to no space in your luggage but is a refreshing and invaluable accessory for any event or activity.


Pro Tip #2: Indulge in Effortless Options



Let’s keep it real – no one has time for making decisions on a cruise. The whole point of you being on vacation is to engage in some serious self-care while limiting any stress-inducing adulting. Our fave pick for dynamic potential is our Ana Long Romper Cover-up. Not only is she sleek as all get out, the Ana is a complete showstopper for the fearless Hermoza who is down for anything. Styled as designed, this jumpsuit’s high boat neck offers a classic, elegant silhouette. Pair her with a sweet pair of strappy slides and you are ready to take in the scenery deck side. Now. Are you ready for this?? Worn BACKWARDS, the Ana creates an asymmetrical neckline, becoming a glamorous canvas for a statement necklace or scarf. Paired with a pair of exquisite heels, and you’ve taken your daytime cruise wear to the next (deck) level for dinner. Everyone loves a bold Hermoza who is ready to redefine expectations, so why settle for someone else’s when it come to what you are supposed to wear? No one stans another boring floor-length gown option from that wedding you attended ages ago. Freshen things up with sophisticated cruise wear that is easy breezy when it comes to changing it all up.


Pro Tip #3: Engage in Ultimate Solutions



Our radiant and active Hermozas are all in for anything their cruise ship has to offer. The last thing they need are worries or concerns about the fit and function of their OOTDs. When you can’t stop thinking about your waistline, a cruise might be the worst way to vacay. With limitless menu options and delectable dessert choices at all hours, even our most mindful Hermoza will pack on a few pounds from the luxury of it all. This doesn’t mean you have to toss in the towel and overindulge. Be proactive ahead of your trip and scope out smarter choices so you aren’t stuck in your stateroom sleeping off your overbrunch. Every cruise has healthy and light fare that will fuel you for entertaining explorations and adventurous activities. Who wants to deal with FOMO when there are so many excursions to book at any of your ports of call? An even more lavish and satisfying choice is to select pieces that offer shapewear right in your bodysuit-swimsuit combos. Our Adriana’s contoured and polished design is meticulously constructed with our highest tier of support, giving you a perfect sculpt so you don’t have to keep it all sucked in. Doubling down as a bodysuit OR a swimsuit, your vacation prep packing is a cinch when the Adriana works beautifully under a tailored pair of trousers for the onboard mixer or as captivating swimwear that’s as swell as the waves you’ll see lounging deck side. Even better, consider the Grace, our gorgeous two-piece tankini that offers up even more versatility.


Keep Things Simple:


  1. Pack light. Consider fabrics and combinations that are more linen and silk and less heavy cottons and knits (unless you are cruising in the winter or in less tropical climates).
  2. Pack dark. Most darker colors are easier to reimagine and repurpose than prints and vibrant solids. Bring black and navy pieces that are sleek and polished so you can repurpose in an instant.
  3. Skip denim altogether. Even a darker denim is just a heavier, more casual option that could make room for a well-fitting pair of slacks. If you hate to leave those jeans at home, consider a lighter denim blend that is better suited with some give at the waistline (just in case).
  4. Bring jewelry to make a statement. You can dress up a casual number in two seconds flat, minimizing the amount of time you need to get ready for your next activity, and maximizing the amount of time you get to enjoy it.
  5. Select pieces you can count on. The classics’ll keep you confident, and for good reason. Pack that sleek wrap dress, that LBD, and that cardigan or sweater that see you through season after season and that check all the boxes, regardless of dress code.
  6. Dress for your intentions. Just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean you have to toss style out the window. Sophisticated cruise wear is all about keeping up with your own high standards without sacrificing comfort. Planning your activities ahead of time will enable you to select OOTDs that transition well from one activity to another. A well-fitting tank, slacks, classic hoops, and heels will get you from dinner, to dancing, to drinks with the captain without batting a lash.


Here’s to finding peace of mind onboard a phenomenal cruise that’ll afford you some well-deserved peace and quiet. In no time, our tips will get you used to basking in the JOMO on everything back at the office.


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Besos, Hermoza

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