We Can See Right Through You

We Can See Right Through You

We Can See Right Through You

Hermoza, we know you’ve been working hard. Staying on that grind has got you all kinds of exhausted and it’s FINALLY the weekend. You spend all Friday night deliberating the weekend’s events and finally say yes to a staycay at a friend’s house to enjoy dinner, wine, and good company. She notes her pool is heated, so you pack your suit along with your favorite bottle of red and all the fab fixin’s for s’mores (because, why not).


Dinner conversation was FAB. No awkward pauses, no idle chit chat (excruciating), the night goes by smoothly with loads of laughs, and all those lov mrable, comfortable sighs of, “Yes. This girl gets it. Amazing.” Friendship is everything and this night is EXACTLY what you needed after a long week of deadlines, commitments, and the frazzled frenzy that comes with being a boss babe.


Dessert has settled and so has the conversation, so your host suggests a GORGEOUS evening dip in the pool. (Can we love sweater weather anymore than we already do? Who does this? Really? This has us just dying for divine Fall temps and heated swims. Try it!)


You are ecstatic to be putting on your phenomenal Hermoza swimsuit. It's from the first collection and looks just RADIANT on you. You’ve worn it sunbathing and lounging by the pool. You even wore it to brunch as a bodysuit. This is the first time you have worn it in the water, so you can’t wait to feel how luxurious this second skin feels when wet.


You meet your friend poolside and test the water with your toes and luxuriate in the crisp evening air along with the most ideal warmer-than-typical deep end. You plunge in and immediately feel thankful for not having to say “so long” to those summer vibes that had you relaxed and refreshed. Thoughts of the office and appointments are so far distant in the past and your mind is free to focus on anything it wants: coming soon trailers, concert tickets, gallery openings, wine tasting, oversized cardigans-ripped jean-boots kind of OOTDs, pumpkin carving, and S’MORES (you ALMOST forgot!). 


You do a couple quick laps because the excitement of a second sweet for the evening just sounds amazing, so you offer to start the fire pit and bring out the supplies. You latch on to the ladder to hoist yourself up and out when your girlfriend gasps and your stomach drops when “Oh, no!” leaves her lips. You look down and around you to make sure nothing has come untucked from your suit (it hasn’t) when you realize she and you CAN. SEE. EVERYTHING. Right through your suit! There you are. All of you. On display right through the fabric.


Nothing could be more horrifying than this. Honestly. You had signed up for better with Hermoza. You’ve had a world of compliments on this suit and always felt amazing in it (until right this minute). Thank heaven and all that is holy that your amazing friend finds it endearing that you are so mortified, and she quickly offers you her robe draped poolside so you can cover your now completely visible bits.


We heard from many of our Hermozas that when wet, our sophisticated swimwear is less than opaque. No one wants to see swimwear fabric that is too thin, especially from a swim and resort wear brand that prides itself in dignified, fashionable, full coverage. Being a direct-to-consumer brand, we are privileged and grateful to be able to hear you, to listen, and to be capable of making IMMEDIATE adjustments.


The new, luxury fabric we chose for our Movement Collection ensures none of our Hermozas are caught exposed anywhere. It is from the same gorgeous company that offered our Hermozas a beautiful four-way, Italian-made, quick-drying fabric that just feels like butter. Now, your Hermoza swimwear possesses ALL those things PLUS thicker, functional, practical protection that keeps you confident in our refined, reimagined, complete coverage.


 We are so glad you spoke up, Hermozas. Thanks for keeping it real because that’s exactly what we hope to be for you: that devoted friend who will always be there and who will never embarrass you (unless you are goofing off right alongside us).


We don’t want you missing out on ANYTHING. The new and improved collections from Hermoza are full of ALL KINDS of distinctive adjustments. Our previously removable, moldable cups that slid everywhere are now sewn in for better comfort and support. The hem line on the legs of some of our swimsuits has been raised to highlight and flatter a more feminine figure. We’ve redesigned some of our swimwear to accommodate Hermozas with longer torsos and have given most of our suits adjustable straps, so you remain in control of your sleek silhouette.


This is just the beginning for us. Keep the feedback coming. Continue to include us in your stories, feeds, and posts so we can see how you are living with Hermoza swim and resort wear. We love to connect with all of you as you welcome us into your lives. Join the community on IG and FB with #hermozawoman, #hermozaswim, and #wellsuited.


Because no one should EVER miss out on s’mores, we’ve got you covered. No matter what.


Besos, Hermoza

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