Vintage Swimsuits

Vintage Swimsuits

There’s a reason why we still look to silver screen icons to see how they wore their vintage swimsuits. The appeal of timeless elegance and a playful joy with which these women celebrated life; it is inspiring. We aim to be like these women because we see them living balanced and well and who wouldn’t sign on for that?

So, while fleeting trends leave our heads spinning, we look to the youthful individuality and diversity of our favorite celeb Hermozas who serve up all kinds of retro swimsuit realness.

Vintage-style swimsuits and trends favored the one-piece for modest, subtle features that were feminine and flattering. High-waisted bottoms and high-neck halters wear all the rage, and for good reason. Women didn’t (and don’t) have to bear it all to make a statement. Their retro swimwear should be made to enhance their figures, flatter their frames, and enable them to feel comfortable and confident with day to night coverage.

The 1950s bathing suit is one of our faves for a reason. As women started embracing their bodies more and more, retro swimwear began to demonstrate a fusion between fashion and function. With more progressive ideals generated from lives outside the private sector, women became more adventurous and bolder, and popular styles adjusted accordingly.


I Love Lucy (and ruching)

Lucille Ball is a comedic icon. She paved the way for women like Gilda Radner, Carol Burnett, Tina Fey, and Kristen Wiig to embrace the artform of physical, non-verbal humor while looking amazing doing it. Even if smack-dab in the middle of some shenanigans with Ethel, Lucy’s style was polished and clean. She made a smock look refined, even when covered in a mess of chocolate. I honestly think it was her smile that made us all fall in love with her. It lit up every room even if she was shouting for help out of her latest mishap. Lucy was a Hermoza we could easily see ourselves gabbing away with. Accessible, lovely, kind, and an absolute riot to be around.

For the Lucy in you, check out our showstopping Gayle. Made with vintage swimwear in mind, this stunning one-piece swimsuit has gorgeous contouring side panels and front ruching that contours and defines with strong, structured support. Feeling a little shy about your tummy bulge? The Gayle’s sculpted silhouette conceals and flatters your waist for added support.


There’s No Place Like Hermoza with Dorothy

Another Hermoza after our own hearts is the incomparable Dorothy Dandridge. One of the most captivating women to ever grace the big screen, Dorothy paved the way for women to embrace leading roles that presented strength, voice, and character rather than simply taking up space as damsels in distress.

Another Hermoza who shows us that a smile can be our greatest accessory, Dorothy’s glamorous and chic presence is everything we need to start venturing out in swim and resort wear after such a long hiatus. This gorgeous woman broke barriers as the first woman of color to win an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. While we aren’t all about the fame, we absolutely stand a fierce female who shows up and stands out.

For the Dorothy in you, try our Leonor on for size. Absolutely radiant in our brand-new gingham pattern, you’re sure to turn heads with this adorable strapless number. With crisscross back panels for a streamlined silhouette, the Leonor is one of the most phenomenal vintage bathing suits you’ll ever find. Detachable straps serve up a fully customizable look for a halter or single shoulder support and a built-in shelf bra gives retro swimwear a more contemporary update.


A Little Bit of Rita in Our Lives

Considering she is one of TIME Magazine’s “100 Women of the Year” in 2020, Rita Moreno is still a force to be reckoned with. Willing to lay it all on the line, Rita fought against misrepresentation and typecasting in 1960s Hollywood and continues to be a voice for authentic roles for Latinx performers. Remembered best as Anita in West Side Story, we can’t wait to see how her role transitions to the big screen later this year.

Charming and exquisite in a fitted turtleneck and pencil skirt or glamorous and alluring in a strapless evening gown to the Oscars, Moreno still sets standards, both culturally and stylistically. Dashing the faux pas that you should never wear the same outfit twice on the red carpet, in 2018, Rita reimagined the dress she wore in 1962 when accepting the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. And it was perfect.

Our Patty and our Gloria are the best vintage swimsuits for channeling those Rita vibes. Made from luxurious imported Italian black illusion fabric, these swimming bodysuits are ideal for the Hermoza who’s ready for something different and better. Not just a swimsuit and hardly just a bodysuit, both the Patty and Gloria show up for you when and how you need them.

Perfect for enhancing your natural frame, the Patty’s 50s swimsuit halter high-neck strap style offers a light lift while high-waisted, full coverage bottoms sculpt and smooth for complete, chic comfort. The Gloria is ideal for the Hermoza who is fun, fearless, and game for anything. Also available from our Sculpt Collection, this elegant, single-shoulder one-piece has already sold out but is expected back in stock soon. We get it too – every woman can feel like a starlet with vintage swimwear that doubles down with dreamy dock to dinner looks that just work.


Diving in with Some Drama Like Elizabeth

No one did a deep smolder better than Dame Elizabeth Taylor herself. The glare, the passion, all the presence of an iconic leading lady all in a look and pose. Her class, her strength, her resolve – everything we aim to demonstrate as Hermozas was present in each of her performances and it couldn’t have been easy. Having the fashion sense to express your boss, center stage mood seems effortless if you have polished, refined fashion that compliments your figure.

Forward, decisive, and ever optimistic, Elizabeth Taylor’s lavender eyes and smile light up every one of her scenes. She is the epitome of effortless Hollywood glamour and a Hermoza before her own time. Strong, capable, and commanding, her poise spotlights her talents and captivated her screen partners so much so that she had to make improvisations to carry certain moments. An artist who perfected the subtle art of simplicity, Elizabeth Taylor capitalized on her ability to enthrall and impress, using her obvious influence to create opportunities for herself for which she might otherwise have been overlooked.

And while being an icon is about way more than just what you wear, it is clear Taylor used her style to amplify and enhance the status she secured from her performances. She chose what worked best for her, every time. Living your most authentic life and speaking your truth comes with an inherent grace and confidence built from self-affirmation. Be the Elizabeth in your own life by being clever and consistent which translates beautifully to curating a collection in your wardrobe.

Ideal for the dramatic Hermoza who can channel every major mood, our Emily is one of the most perfect retro bathing suits ever designed.  Complete with a fully adjustable halter square-neck bodice, this one-piece swimsuit’ll leave ‘em star-struck for its clean lines and hourglass framing silhouette. Brought to you from our Sculpt Collection, this is another of our vintage swimsuits that is as timeless as it is modern.

Thoughtfully constructed with our Hermozas in mind, the Emily contours and defines with structured support from our strongest level of shapewear. This means she’s not all gorgeous looks but can turn out some dynamic function as well! The Emily smooths for a flattering fit, but also gives you full-coverage peace of mind, perfect if you are looking for a post-baby swimsuit or for retro swimwear that doesn’t look old-fashioned.

Vintage swimsuits give us all the feels because we dream of getting everything we want, especially in swimwear. These Hermozas were classic (not basic) and conducted themselves on screen with the dignity we aim to possess. Creating signature looks is not about following trends, but about setting your own standards and making your sophisticated style unforgettable. That’s where Hermoza comes in.

Take a look at our social media feeds and stories to see how some of our Hermozas are owning their icon statuses. Ready for whatever the rest of 2020 throws at us, we’re taking our focus back to the golden age of fashion where beauty is always in the details.


Besos, Hermoza

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