Skin Care Done Well

Skin Care Done Well

Summer is well under way and it’s got most of us wondering, “What happened to June?” Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! In the middle of all your trips, planning, or daydreaming, now is the perfect time to talk about summertime skincare. Hermoza knows your natural beauty is priceless so here are a few tips to ensure it stays in tip top shape.



The sun, while refreshing and relaxing, is strong and vibrant, just like our Hermozas. The issue with her, however, is that she can seriously damage your skin with prolonged exposure. Removing dead, dull skin will create a foundation that will give your face the best chance for staying fresh and clear all summer long.

  • Use an exfoliant first thing in the morning (after a cleanser). Then apply toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. In that order.



Find a great toner that is well-suited for your skin. I love a gorgeous rose toner because it reminds me of a scent my grandmother wore when I was younger. Nostalgia aside, toner will help by balancing your pH, minimizing redness, and removing impurities from your pores. Toner is safe enough to use twice daily, so I selected one that rejuvenates in the morning and another that is gentle and soothing for the evening before bedtime.

  • After cleansing, use a cotton round to apply a generous amount without completely soaking your skin. Pat in for full coverage around your entire face. Don’t forget corners of eyes, mouth, and nose.



Your skin is thirsty for love and attention after all that fun in the sun. Consider using a hydrating gel to cool and relieve overexposed skin. Most moisturizers will stimulate your complexion without making under eyes look puffy. I like putting my moisturizer in the refrigerator for a simple pick-me-up first thing in the morning. Look for moisturizers with powerful, natural ingredients to ensure coverage is less invasive and harmful.

  • Apply after cleanser and toner and before makeup.



Sunscreen should be applied daily, PERIOD. Damage and pigmentation can happen on the freeway during your daily commute, so always stay covered as much as possible. Tans are lovely, to be sure, but they are really the indication of  long-term contact with UV rays that do nothing to nourish your skin.



Your skin will have a definite fighting chance this summer if you give it a rest. Studies are showing that the best time for skin care is actually while you sleep. During those delightful dreams, your skin renewal rate doubles, your collagen production rises, and cell damage is reversed. Studies also show that a person who is well-rested is more capable of processing information, creating lasting memories, minimizing stress, and solving the next day’s problems. Set an awesome evening routine for yourself to promote calm so your skin can recover properly.

  • Hydrate all day to reduce headaches that could prevent you from getting to sleep naturally.
  • Consider making lists or journaling to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions that might keep you from relaxing. Lists are perfect for creating manageable priorities for the next day. It’s also comforting to use a notebook to reflect on the achievements and challenges of your day to set intentions for the future.
  • Drink an herbal tea or a soothing, decaffeinated beverage and focus on breathing. Close your eyes and stay present in the quietness before tucking in.
  • Concentrate on something that brings you joy. Read before bed if you found a page-turner. Listen to ambient sounds if you loved that holiday in the tropics.
  • Put your phone away to reduce distraction from the calming space you’ve created. Charge it in another room so you can concentrate on getting a fresh start to your morning.


Once you are raring to go, Hermoza has you covered! Our Protect Collection will pick up where you left off with your skin care regimen to ensure you are living your best life ever. The fully lined, full-coverage swimwear we have created exclusively for our Hermozas enables you to have full, fashionable, functional UPF coverage made from eco-friendly fabrics. Your skin will thank you for selecting heirloom-quality pieces that are thoughtfully and meticulously crafted with your best interests in mind.

Our Cristina one-piece is fast becoming a staple in swim and resort wear. With comfortable full front and bottom coverage, this suit is perfect for all day wear. Like our divine Caroline two-piece and the stunning Eleanore one-piece, the Cristina offers shapewear in a suit that can also filter and reduce your exposure to harmful UV & UA rays. Isn’t that phenomenal?!



A stunning newcomer to our brand is the Katherine one-piece swimsuit. Designed for the active woman or for the Hermoza who likes additional coverage and protection, this suit is an ideal addition to your skin care routine. Available in a flattering short sleeve and in the Vivian, a similar long-sleeve option, these and the distinctive swimwear in our collections are meant for more discerning women who find joy in investing in the best version of themselves.



So, what is your routine, Hermoza? What do you do to take the absolute best care of your gorgeous skin? Tell us in the comments section below or join the community of Hermozas on social media using the hashtags #hermozaswim #wellsuited #skincare.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany  

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