Showing Up Chic for the Holidays

Showing Up Chic for the Holidays

Showing Up Chic for the Holidays


If you’ll be traveling by plane, train, or automobile this season, here’s our toolkit that’s 100% capable of helping you reduce those OMW stress levels.



  1. Undereye patches


I do not travel anywhere without eye patches. Ideal for the night after a celebration or for on the plane, before you disembark, they are a godsend for a quick refresh and give you that perky, just had a facial feeling when time and space are limited. I have an awesome kit that lets me choose when and how to apply cool, soothing ingredients to my face, keeping my baggage in the overhead compartment and away from my face. Perfect for a red eye or for an early AM flight, undereye patches are a quick solution for our on-the-go Hermozas.



  1. Comfy tennies


Not sure if this makes me old (grandma style is SO on trend, BTW – LOL), but I love a good slip-on shoe when I travel. Not because I take my shoes off in the plane (eww), but because there is something so relaxing about not feeling buckles and straps when I am stationary. I also like a sleek, street, no shoestring look to my OOTD that matches my get-where-I’m-going vibe. And, to keep the nana style on point, I am crazy about a knit running shoe. Can’t explain. Won’t apologize.



  1. Moisturizer


After a good undereye patch, I like to seal it all in with a great moisturizer to keep my skin feeling luxurious and hydrated. In a pinch, I am quick to spritz for a gentle energy boost before seeing the fam without chugging a cup of coffee. Aloe, herbs, and rosewater are my standbys for the ultimate revived look. All my roadtripping’ll have my face dehydrated and tired in no time, so I’ll slather on a light cream that not only nourishes my skin, but protects it as well.





  1. Sweater


Just because you are homebound for the holidays, doesn’t mean you can’t serve up some serious style in the process. Especially with temps plummeting with a quickness, you’ll always want to have an adorable sweater on hand just in case your puffy parka has you overdressed. I am obsessed with an oversized layer that’ll keep me comfy, but I also like to keep things light so I am not oppressed in the indoor heat. A good wrap front is the best of both worlds and is perfect with a pair of denims or cute with a tasteful mini skirt.




  1. Book


Reading is my favorite thing to do on a long trip and nothing’s better than hearing someone else’s story in their own voice. I’ll go to sleep in three seconds flat with an audio book, so an honest auto-bio is my go-to for a bit of a brain break. Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years by Julie Andrews is my gift to me this holiday season. Can we please take a minute to pause and appreciate the gorgeous icon that is our Mary and our Maria? A woman whose impeccable taste and refinement have inspired us for decades? I am a sucker for a good suspense thriller, but nothing is more uplifting than seeing a Hermoza in her own right take on life’s challenges with grace and dignity.




  1. Dry shampoo


Traveling will have your locks flat or frizzy in no time. Give them a quick pick-me-up with a dry shampoo fit for a queen. Many dry shampoos are chock full of chemicals that leave my hair smelling funky, so I am always on the lookout for one that’ll minimize oils without packing on the powder. Available in a variety of sizes and for different hair types, a dry travel shampoo should offer a perk up without demanding a blowout.


  1. Host gifts


I was taught never to show up empty-handed. Host gifts should always be something small, lovely, and from the heart. I love a good chocolate selection, but if my host enjoys wine (who doesn’t?), I might give both. Instead, I might bring festive foliage or darling blooms that are in season. For something more personal, I love bringing along skin care or candles because we all know how intense getting the house ready for company might be. Keep it useful, nothing outlandish, and always in the best of taste.




  1. Reusable Water Bottle


I can’t even with the overwhelming amount of plastics in our oceans. Someone once reminded me that every piece of plastic that was ever made is still in existence somewhere on this planet. Eek! Invest in a quality bottle that keeps your liquids cold for hours without placing strain on the environment so you can stay hydrated. Be mindful. Reduce your footprint.



  1. Snacks


Many of the snacks offered on airlines are full of sugars and chemicals that won’t have you arriving feeling your best. And don’t get me started at what you’ll find at the gas station while fueling up. Pack high protein options with homemade GORP (my sis makes the best!) or with bars made from responsibly sourced, nutritive ingredients.


I’ve never been the kind of Hermoza to travel light, but I am always comfortable and chic afterward! And you better believe friends and family beeline for my bag during a layover because they know I’ll have planned ahead perfectly. Custom fit your own packing list from the items above to ensure your mind, body + soul are renewed and relaxed before you show up to dig into the spread at Auntie’s house. Bon voyage!


Besos, Hermoza

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