Perfect Swimsuit for A Big Bust, voluptuous curves and No Derriere

Perfect Swimsuit for A Big Bust, voluptuous curves and No Derriere

What makes the perfect swimsuit? Is it the fabric, construction, the color, the feel, the way it makes YOU feel, the fit, the way you look, the way you perceive yourself? It really is all these elements isn’t it? We all have insecurities with our bodies and also want to put our best foot forward. Sometimes this is hard to do when it feels options are endless BUT not reasonable or at all what you are looking for. The time you have spent looking at countless swim models has left you still empty handed and even worse frustrated.


To make matters worse, how about the swimsuits that have great chest support and coverage but ZERO back support. It goes both ways – great back support and coverage but ZERO chest support and coverage. Why can’t we have both? Now you can.


We are here today to tell you to have hope! Hermoza can help! We have come up with the most beautiful and dignified resort and swimwear options. Our cute one pieces are offered in over 40 styles which means you have OPTIONS, you will have choices and we hope you do not leave empty handed but instead happy and hopeful! Each one of our suits are made with construction. Construction to protect your chest, and construction to protect your back. To say it simple we got your back… and your front! We got YOU!


All of our one-pieces have been designed for a unique purpose. Take for example our Gayle Swimsuit. It truly is a great swimsuit for so many different body types. It is part of our sculpt collection. It does exactly what it’s called – it sculpts. Our best fabric we have to offer for the woman who is looking for supportive swimsuits. It will sculpt you in ways you haven’t experienced. Regardless of your age and size, this swimsuit is that polished look that makes you look like you are always ready for swimsuit easy. It is dreamy, it is comfortable, it is polished, it is swimwear fabric. Yes, you can truly have all that in your swimwear fabric – it does exist!


The fabric is a luxurious Italian fabric, bullet proof some may say – the construction is impeccable with ruching over the stomach all the while providing a clean and smoothness to the sides of the hips that accentuates the woman’s body . This provides an hourglass figure for those who want one, and accentuates the hourglass figure for those who already have it. Truly, it’s a win win. The material not only sculpts your body but it also smooths you out and makes you look your best and feel your best! All of our swimsuits have bra construction inside with removable moldable cups. If you are busty, don’t worry – this strong material makes it a perfect swimsuit for broad shoulders and larger busts. It will be sure to hold you in while still flattering you in all the best ways! If you’re not busty we have ruching there to help shape and frame your body.


To top it off we added ruching on the back side. It is feminine and attractive. For women who have more of a flat behind, this provides curve and a robust look to you. For women who do have a curvier bottom, the ruching accentuates your curves while adding in the tasteful and feminine touch.


To top it off, on the back of the one-piece, we added in a bow. The elegance and sophistication this brings is such a subtle touch but so well done you will want this swimsuit in all colors! The best part is, you can adjust the tightness to your choosing.


The Gayle swimsuit comes in black and red. Our red swimsuit is decadent! You will want to stare at it all day – wear it all day. We encourage you to do so! After a day at the pool or the beach, throw on one of our beautiful coverups or sarongs.  You can even wear it as a beautiful body suit. You will look so polished and chic the beaches won’t know what hit them!


Named after Marisa’s mother Gayle, it really is after her own heart. A suit that is fun, practical, versatile, beautiful, playful and classy it is one you won’t want to forget!


Until next time ladies, remember... You are classy. You are elegant. You are HERMOZA.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany



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