Conservative Swimsuits

Conservative Swimsuits

Hermoza strives to support women in elevating their expectations when it comes to conservative swimsuits and timelessly elegant resort wear. Our customers go all in with us because we design and construct swimsuits you can live in with grace and dignity. Spring/Summer 2020 has had us rethinking everything from how we work, learn, and play to how we communicate and connect. One thing that will never change is tasteful, chic styles rarely go out of fashion.

Until now, conservative bathing suits meant you had to settle for the dowdy one-piece and shapeless skirt combo that did no one any favors. While many designs attempted to use halters, bandeaus, ruching, and more to make covering up more feminine, for decades it has seemed that conservative swimwear was uninspired and dreary. 

We opted for athletic wear when near the water since we would rather be caught looking like we just left the gym than to wear a swimsuit someone’s great aunt Mildred might have worn in the 80s. That’s when the idea hit us that conservative one-piece swimsuits could offer stunning silhouettes that enhance and smooth your fabulous frame. 

Women’s conservative swimwear can be as quickly redefined as the oppressive beauty standards that’ve held us captive for centuries. Gone are the days where we must cinch, squeeze, press, (and yes tape) all the parts of us we don’t like to see just to fit into some figure formed from unrealistic expectations. Embracing our iconic status means we determine what works best for us, without guilt, shame, or anxiety that we are “doing it right” or that we “are enough”.

Scroll on for conservative swimwear for ladies that’ll remind you how “happy we are to be alive right now”-- when women are boldly “rewriting narratives” that affirm, inspire, and empower.

Our Katie is conservative swim at its best with sleek lines and a classic fit that is star-eyed emojis all over the place. With luxury swimwear that is consciously constructed with built-in shapewear, you’ll reimagine what conservative swimming attire looks like in your trans-seasonal wardrobe. For a one-shoulder one-piece swimsuit, the Katie sure shows up so you can shoot your shot. Just because you prefer feminine full coverage doesn’t mean you have to toss in the fashionable towel. Swimsuits that are as flattering and comfortable as this one proves that you don’t have to make sacrifices to be well-suited. 

Conservative swim tops that show off the best you do exist and you don’t have to wait for a revolution to get them in your closet and luggage. Our Tiffany two-piece tankini swimsuit top is an absolute revelation with its high boat neck that is as pretty as its protective. Made from our luxurious novelty pique fabric, the Tiffany’s hand feel is soft and dreamy and exactly what you’ve been waiting for. And nothing says conservative swim better than when your swim top can acceptably double as a high-necked top to pair with some cute denims. Also totally adorable with the matching Tiffany swimsuit bottoms.

Every icon needs a conservative swimsuit that becomes their trademark. Chanel had her tailored suits. Twiggy had her color-blocked mod dresses. Marilyn had her ruched halter one-piece swimsuits. Jackie O had her… well, everything. One of our favorite first ladies, she set all the trends, didn’t she? Elevating your own expectations is easy peasy when you know what you’re working with. Your shape sets the standards that situate how conservative bathing suits will fit on you. Your style should be sleek and satisfying, free and fabulous. Our Bridget one-piece swimsuit’ll have ‘em “waiting in the wings for you” with its leading lady polish and distinctive silhouette. Influenced by another icon well beyond her time, this gorgeous piece in fuchsia is everything you need in conservative swimwear while also checking all the boxes for swimming bodysuits.

We’ve fallen for conservative one-piece swimsuits because we want our minds to be more on making memories and less on shifting and resituating. Who in her right mind opts for ill-fitting and over-priced when she can have ultra-luxe and heirloom-quality? Let’s be real -- you aren’t fragile, but your self-esteem might be after all this year has thrown at you. You might be searching for the perfect post-baby swimsuit or body-shaping bathing suits to be your all-in-one post-summer uniform.  It’s about time you gave your self-perception her day in the sun. So, “what comes next”? Choose women’s conservative swimwear that’ll “blow us all away.”

It’s totally safe to “assume you’re the smartest in the room” (or on the beach) when you choose a conservative swimsuit that celebrates your femininity like the Patty. Get used to hearing “Awesome!” and “Wow!” because this gorgeous one-piece swimsuit was designed to turn heads. It’s our perfect little black swimsuit that has all the coverage you need to have some peace of mind while serving up serious next-generation innovation and construction. The mesh illusion overlay offers up the most elegant draped high-neck to complement a refined, sculpted high-waist. “Oceans rise. Empires fall.” Iconic conservative swimwear is timeless.

Our collections are created to honor and celebrate Hermozas willing to take risks and challenge expectations. Conservative swimwear is perfectly well-suited for Hermozas of all ages! Check out Hermoza Littles, our newest collection that helps you twin with your mini while keeping you both covered.


Having icon status means you deserve to have pieces in your wardrobe that reflect the charisma and strength you possess. We’ll remain the brand you can count on & your new bestie with whom you can totally relate. Scroll through our socials to see how stunning our Hermozas look in our conservative swimsuits. Isn’t it about time you tried us on for size? And seriously, “if it takes [2020] for us to meet, then it’ll be well worth it”.


Besos, Hermoza

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