Beachwear for Anywhere

Beachwear for Anywhere

The brand-new Santa Marta Collection from our Spring/Summer 2020 line sings like a song. Let us show you how we’ve welcomed in the best ladies’ beachwear for this season so you can live as the QUEEN you are, Hermoza.


I Want to Break Free

Thinking of being “beach-ready” after all we’ve been through just feels mean. The best news about the surf and sand this season is that all bets are off and standards have shifted. We can all be in places of acceptance with fabrics that are flattering AND forgiving. Ultra-luxe, imported textiles are the key to meticulously conscious construction that does you all the favors.

You won’t feel confined by unrealistic expectations when you experience the joy of our ladies’ beachwear. Designed and crafted to elevate and redefine your beliefs in getting outside again. And for those of you worried about selecting the right beachwear to suit your shape, look no further than Hermoza.


Don’t Stop Me Now

Beachwear for women isn’t exclusive, nor should it ever be. You have enough to deal with in 2020 without having to be told when, where, and how to wear your beach tops. With our Hermozas living their best lives everywhere in absolute fashionable, flattering, freedom, we couldn’t be more here for forward-thinking women who know how to style their wardrobe.



Gone are the days when a sarong’s just a sarong. One of my favorite pieces in the Santa Marta Collection is our magnificent South American Pareo in La Rumba. This piece is the ultimate beach sarong for every season, every occasion, every Hermoza. The length alone will have you feeling absolutely divine whether lounging poolside or dining at the pier. Its muted pastels are super on-trend and the exclusive print is designed as an homage to all the treasures found in Colombian culture. The cutest dancing couples are bordered by chic and modern black that evoke a cool, jet set, 1950s vibe. And if you totally dig this piece, check out our other pareo wrap in our exclusive La Marea Feliz print that channels super cool vibes that are just a bit more modern and just as chic.



Best news ever – a pareo can be worn as a beach skirt, as a strapless cover-up, as a head wrap, as a scarf, or as a lightweight shawl. TBH, I’ve even used a beach sarong to wrap a present, so… This piece is everything you need to move with the freedom of a Hermoza who is game for anything. The point is, a pareo is your new BFF for bringing the life back to 2020, as it should be.


A Kind of Magic

Making efforts in your OOTDs are even more major now that we can slowly move past sweats, PJs, and leggings day in and day out. Shapewear in swimwear is the most magical thing to hit the fashion industry since we don’t know what. The fact that you can have dignified swimwear that keeps you smooth and sculpted is a dream to end all dreams.

Styling is a cinch when you can don something smooth and breezy over your polished silhouette. Seriously, it’s one and done with any of our beachwear dresses to either cover up or level up your fashion game. Perfectly paired with any of Hermoza’s modest swimwear, they’ll clear away any dreaded beach body anxiety while enhancing your natural figure for a flattering fit. As evening wear, our resort wear can carry those vacay vibes onto the dance floor as quick as you can say “hoop earrings” and “strappy heels”.



Take our Isabelle Ruffle Maxi Dress in our exclusive Las Palmas print. This is one of those flowy beachwear dresses that just drape perfectly over your frame. Complete with a long-tiered ruffle at the bottom hem, there will be no doubt about your intentions for some light and airy R & R without looking like you are shutting down completely. The adjustable spaghetti straps and keyhole detail opening at the center front neckline are the most elegant and delicate little details that you’ll just adore. And be bold! A simple braided belt can take your expectations of beach clothes for women up a delightful little notch.

With amazing quick-drying fabric, the Isabelle can take a hit without leaving you feel spotted. It’s wrinkle-resistant and wears well throughout daytime excursions. She’ll even keep up with you back to the hotel for a quick primp and polish with a few added accessories, and back out if you care to take in the sights and sounds of the city. It is a special kind of magic when a single, heirloom-quality piece from your wardrobe can quickly and easily help you transition from day to night for (almost) every occasion.


The Show Must Go On

The best in beachwear means all-day comfort, worry-free packing, travel stress (and tan lines) at a minimum, and a wardrobe that can keep up with you when fully maximized and extended. If you are anything like us, you like to plan for all cases and scenarios. When possible, your closet should be able to work as hard as you do.



When your beach clothes aren’t secluded to the sand, it makes staying out for sunsets that much easier. The beach tops in each of our collections are the best in two-piece swimsuits and in swimming bodysuits and can be more than swimwear for our Hermozas. You can wear it with a pair of tailored trousers if you need to check-in for a meeting, then do a quick change after logging off to hit the pool. You can pair it with a fitted pair of gorgeous denims and heels for a jaunt out to the islands for dinner, dancing, then a quick nighttime dip in the sea.



Our Patty and Gloria are the best “in case of anything” one-piece swimsuit/bodysuits to address any last-minute commitments or to perfect a polished ensemble with some streamlined silhouette realness. Both showstoppers, these pieces in our brand-new black illusion fabric are distinctive enough to turn a few heads with the most subtly stunning draping to ever grace this earth.



Essential for the Hermoza who is used to showing up in beachwear that doesn’t wear her, the Patty and the Gloria are one-piece swimsuits that bring an excellent balance of polish and class to the beach while also working well for brunch out with the girls under a bold patterned maxi skirt.


You’re My Best Friend

When you can find a beach skirt that is consistent, dependable, AND renews your confidence in conscious, sustainable fashion, you sign up so you can show up in style. We designed our Rachel convertible maxi dress and skirt to meet you where you are so you can live well in the skin you are in. Striking in our Las Palmas print (conceived and designed in house), the Rachel is the friend of all friends who makes our adventuress Hermoza love her life that much more.



Worn as a maxi skirt and pulled over our Katie or our Cecilia, the Rachel is the ultimate transitional piece and wardrobe staple. Fitted ruching brought to you in effortlessly elegant and supple swimwear fabric, this cover-up can handle a few splashes from the pool or sea.



AND…bring the Rachel up your torso as the most divine of beachwear dresses. Strapless is everything this season and with the playful pattern, you are sure to send out all the sensational snaps and stories your summer can manage.



Beachwear for women doesn’t have to be relegated to neoprene and spandex. Your summertime wardrobe can be as diverse and distinctive as your imagination can take you. With high-quality imported Italian fabrics and eco-nylon reimagined from the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll bet that everything coming out of our new line this season is fit for a queen.

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Besos, Hermoza


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