Beach Essentials you shouldn’t hit the sand without!

Beach Essentials you shouldn’t hit the sand without!

 A trip to the beach is undoubtedly something to anticipate. You've chosen a classy Hermoza swimsuit that makes you feel like the confident and beautiful women you are, some Diff sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, and your favorite pair of beach sandals. What other essentials do you have for a day at the beach, though? Going to the beach sometimes can be a daunting task especially with little ones. Here are some beach essentials you shouldn’t hit the sand without on your next beach day or vacation.  

The first thing on our list is sunscreen. This is important even when you are not at the beach. Make sure you are reapplying throughout the day, even if it is cloudy, because the sun can still be reflecting on the water. There are so many different sunscreens out now, and some we are loving are from Supergoop. If you want to wear makeup on your beach day and are worried that you won’t be able to do Sunscreen as well, a new company, Colorescience, has come out with a whole spf makeup line. The sunscreen even matches the tint of your skin to create the perfect matching foundation! Another option that can help keep not only you safe but the ocean and sea creatures around you safe, is a reef safe sunscreen.  Check out our recent blog on skincare here we have some great recommendations!  



Long are the beach days, and long is also the wear and tear on your hair. From salt water, and sun exposure, and chlorine from the pool, your hair (and littles’ hair) can go through a beating.  Going into the ocean? Wet your hair with freshwater before you get in. After the beach, make sure to wash your hair with a strengthening shampoo, such as a restorative one from Milbon or Oribe.  Putting in oils and leave in conditioner throughout the day is a great step in keeping your hair hydrated and nourished. It is never too late to start trying to improve the health of your hair, especially if you are in the water more than on the land just like us.    


We never like to go to the beach without doing a fun look with a head scarf, which not only protects your hair, but helps you live a vintage moment that always looks so chic! You can style your headscarf in many ways, but for some inspiration we have linked a tutorial for you here. Surprisingly, you can use your favorite Hermoza sarong and turn it into a headscarf as well.   

If you are looking for something besides a sarong to protect your scalp, hats are obviously a great choice. There are some great hats this year in style, which include rattan beach visors or bucket hats. One of our favorites and best-loved staple, is the dad hat. We got your littles’ covered and recommend our Hermoza little hat or any by San Diego Hat Company (they have great prices).   


Now onto the fun things to bring! Naturally, an oversized towel is necessary for a beach day. You want something with room that will not fold over giving sand room to encroach on your space. If you are not one to lay or sit in the sand, foldable chairs are great and today, usually have shoulder straps for easy transportation to and from the beach. With this comes the umbrella!  



Next on our list is a portable cooler. These are great to keep drinks cold, as well as any snacks you have that could be put in the fridge. Some of our most loved food to bring are chips, salsa, dips, and sandwiches. With a cooler you now have room for more drink options as well. To save room bring half gallon sized cartons of water, iced tea, lemonade, or whatever your favorite is and bring cups!  

Finally, if you have littles make sure to pack their favorite sandcastle-building toys, boogie boards, and goggles! A new toy that would be a fun addition is a toy by Surfer Dudes. This toy is a self-righting surfboard with a character on it that your child can throw into the water and the wave will bring it right back. Of course, we are not forgetting fun for you as well, so if you are able to bring a book for some me time, we highly recommend it. For something livelier, bring a speaker, so you can listen to your favorite music, to help you relax on what may be a busy beach day. If the task of bringing all these different beach essentials seems like it too much, there are now people you can hire to bring your stuff down to your spot at the beach and pack it back up for you when you are ready to leave. Here in San Diego a company that does this is Beach Genie!  

A beach day looks different for everyone but dressing up for yourself is important. At Hermoza, we love to dress women for all their various occasions on and off the beach. Each woman is born iconic and we love being a part of your closet!  




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