Our Favorite Ways to Protect Your Skin from UV Rays

Our Favorite Ways to Protect Your Skin from UV Rays

When we were younger, one of the last things we used to think when packing for a beach day, was good sun protection. We were typically more focused on snacks and grabbing our favorite good read, and throwing on our favorite swimsuit! Fast forward a couple years and now all we think about is sun protection, and what is the best skincare practice to help protect ourselves from the harmful UV rays.

As much as want to be proactive in protecting our skin, with all the beauty products and counsels out there, it can be difficult to decipher who to trust. Rest assured; we at Hermoza (and our tried and true skin gurus) are here to give you the best advice on ways to protect your and your little one’s skin from the sun.

As we all know, sunblock is your best friend when trying to stay protected. Sometimes, it pains us to remember ourselves as teens, lathering on baby oil rather than sunscreen to get that “perfect tan”. Thankfully, we know better now. Staying away from sunburns is much more important to us now than getting a good tan. According to Dr. Amir Karam, who has devoted years to the mastery of skin rejuvenation, “Excessive sun exposure accelerates facial aging. The combination of regular sunscreen use, and physical sun protection will not only significantly reduce the rate of aging and preserve the youthful tone and texture of the skin, but it will also significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer.” Dr Karam has made it his mission to inform his patients on the importance of skin care and skin protection. Here is his take on “The 2 Essential Things your Sunscreen Must Have.”

Another doctor who has our best interests in mind is the amazing Dr. Azadeh Shirazi. She has a large following on her YouTube channel where she discusses her rules when it comes to applying sunscreen for best results when exposed to the sun. It’s important to know that it’s not just the sunscreen that matters but it’s how and when you apply it as well. Applying well before sun exposure and applying enough to coat your skin is the key. To learn more about her tips and tricks to protected skincare, you can watch her video “Skin Break Skin Tips | Dermatologists Top Tips”.

On your next Target trip, you may want to invest in a great facial sunscreen. Supergoop is the newest brand that everyone is trying. Pick up a bottle and try their tinted version for a bit of colored shine as well! Our personal favorite however, is Dr. Azadeh Shirazi’s tinted SPF. It’s a game changer and we don’t go a day without wearing it. Another brand to try is Blue Lizard which is the #1 pediatrician recommended mineral-based sunscreen brand. Blue Lizard provides a full line of mineral and mineral-based sunscreens to keep your family sun safe. Your little one’s skin is much thinner than their mommy’s and it’s important to make sure they’re protected all day long as they run in the sun!

Now that you know about the importance of sunscreen and the recommendations that’ll keep you protected, there are a few more tips we can give to stay safe from harmful, UV rays. An umbrella in the sand is a great way to stay cool and stay safe! We are absolutely in love with umbrellas from Business and Pleasure! These clean and chic umbrellas are the perfect way to hit the sand in style. (Bonus points since B&P also has matching towels and chairs!)


Finally, one the best and most efficient ways to stay protected by the sun is by wearing the proper swimwear to stay safe. We always recommend a long sleeved, surf style suit if UV rays are a big concern for you. But finding a suit that meets this need and is still your style can be difficult. We suggest trying the Else One-Piece Swimsuit or the Vivian One-Piece Swimsuit to fix that problem!

Surf, but make it chic. Cover those shoulders and arms from the sun in this sleek, silky, long-sleeved one-piece. A wash of femininity comes through in the details; a shiny gold zipper, textured side panels, and a sweet, scooped neckline dress this sporty stunner up for all-day beauty. The best part of the Else One-Piece Swimsuit is the luxurious fabric! Side panels in Novelty Textured fabric to contour the waist with just the right amount of coverage you need!


If you’re looking for something a bit more fun, we are head over heels for the Vivian One-Piece Swimsuit a part of our Sunrise Ikat collection. The Vivian’s sleeves are perfect for protecting your skin from the sun and can double as your favorite long-sleeve bodysuit for a chilly night out! Our newest Sunrise Ikat is the perfect take on bright and summery with its vibrant hues of pink and red. Dare to be different in this suit meant for a woman not afraid to wear a little bit of color! Pair this fan-favorite with your Little Annie One-Piece Swimsuit which is another long-sleeved suit perfect for protecting your little one’s skin from the sun.


One thing you should never forget is how harmful UV rays can be! According to our Dr. Amir Karam, [sun protection] is perhaps one of the most important lifestyle changes you can do for yourself.” So, protect yourself and your little one with these easy steps to have a fun and cool summer!


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