These 22 Sustainable Swimwear Brands Are the Definition of Hot Girl Summ

These 22 Sustainable Swimwear Brands Are the Definition of Hot Girl Summ

Skinny dipping is the most sustainable option—these suits are next.

It’s estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. As we know, the fashion industry is ever growing—and all consuming. Our oceans are filled with waste and landfills have been overflowing for some time now. But, thankfully, some brands have altruistically embraced responsibility to help our planet, rather than hurt it. So, who’s showing up the strongest to the fight? Swimwear.  

Maybe it's because swimsuits are made to enjoy the great outdoors that the health of our ecosystems are top of mind for the swimwear industry. Many brands have implemented countless sustainable factors to help rehabilitate our ecosystems (or, at least to prevent any further damage) from designing to shipping. Fabric composition, eco-conscious manufacturing, and even compostable mailers are small solutions that are making a big impact. Take for instance recycled materials like Econyl, which is made of recycled plastics and regenerated into soft nylon ideal for swimsuits. 

There’s a heap of trendy suits from environment-loving brands that are so high-quality, in-style, and long-lasting that you’d never guess their fabrics might be on their second life cycle. So we rounded up 22 of the very best swimwear brands using only recycled materials in everything from their bikinis to shipping and production. And of course, their collections range from hyper trendy to timelessly minimalist for soaking up the sun in style—with proper SPF. Oh, and they all happened to be female-founded, -owned, and -designed, which is a big plus in our book. Now, without further ado, here are the sustainable swimwear brands to have on your radar this summer (and beyond).

Hermoza’s main goal is to make suits that don’t require a single sacrifice—whether that’s in terms of style, fit, or investment. The brand’s care for the planet is consistent with its practices. All of its fabrics boast a high UPF; Made with a regenerated nylon fiber from pre- and post-consumer materials, its UV transmission is less than 2.5 percent when exposed to both UV and UVB light. The environmentally friendly dying and cleaning process ensures no harmful toxins or chemicals are leaked into the environment. Hermoza even insists that its suits are significantly resistant to wear and tear—even with the most intense use like water sports. The recycled fabric is durable enough to resist abrasions and chlorine as well as body lotions and oils so that nothing affects its vibrancy. All of this combined was enough to make Oprah a fan. The Genevieve was featured in O magazine and, obviously, anything Oprah-approved has to be great.

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