Philip Rivers’ Wife Tiffany Rivers Advocates for Diabetes

Philip Rivers’ Wife Tiffany Rivers Advocates for Diabetes

Philip Rivers’ Wife Tiffany Rivers Advocates for Diabetes


Philip Rivers and his wife Tiffany Rivers recently launched a campaign to bring awareness to those impacted by diabetes and raise money for the cause. The couple became passionate about diabetes after their son, Gunner, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. On World Diabetes Day, Adam Schefter tweeted out a short video clip of Philip and Tiffany discussing the Change the Game campaign.

“It’s World Diabetes Day (not the last message you’ll see here about it today). Please help Tiffany and Philip Rivers – whose son Gunner is a Type 1 diabetic, like my wife Sharri – change the game,” Schefter tweeted.

Tiffany is using her swimwear company, Hermoza, to sell apparel dedicated to the cause. Hermoza is selling shirts and hats for $30 with 100 percent of the proceeds going towards one of three non-profits dedicated to diabetes: JDRF, Insulin for Life and Diabetes Research Connection. People can also use the code T1D on any Hermoza purchase and receive 25 percent off your order along with the proceeds being contributed to the cause as well.

Gunner Is One of the Rivers’ 9 Kids


Gunner is one of the couple’s nine children as Philip and Tiffany welcomed a new baby into the world earlier this year. Gunner was diagnosed with T1D (Type-One diabetes) when he was five, per Hermoza.

As parents to a child with diabetes, the month of November is especially profound for co-founder of Hermoza Tiffany Rivers and NFL Los Angeles Chargers Quarterback, Philip Rivers. Tiffany and Philip’s son was diagnosed with T1D at age five, forever changing the lives of their family of nine children. This November, celebrate National Diabetes Awareness Month as the company Tiffany Rivers’ co-founded, Hermoza, collaborates with three leading diabetes non-profits to raise both awareness and funding for this autoimmune disease without a known cure.

Tiffany Is the Co-Founder of the Women’s Swimwear Company Hermoza


Tiffany helped launch Hermoza to help provide women with stylish and modest swimwear options. She is now using her company as a way to help those impacted by diabetes. Tiffany detailed why she and close friend Marisa De Lecce founded the company.


“Growing up on beaches, I’ve always had a desire to create stylish, well-crafted swimwear that women can feel better wearing,” Tiffany said on Hermoza’s website. “Swimwear should celebrate the femininity of a woman in a sophisticated, elegant, timeless, and effortless way.”

The Couple’s Son, Gunner, Was Diagnosed With Type-One Diabetes in 2013


Back in 2013, the couple noticed Gunner’s health started to decline which prompted them to take him to the doctor to get checked out. Philip detailed some of the warning signs in a 2013 interview with Fox 5 San Diego.


“He’s football all the time, nonstop energy all the time,” Rivers told Fox 5 San Diego. “And late in the football season last year he didn’t want to play as much, he started to lose weight. He had to pee all the time. We took him in, and his blood sugar was 700 [the acceptable range is closer to 80 to 100, Rivers said]. He’s dying there right in front of you. It’s terrible.”


The Chargers quarterback admitted he did not want their son to go through such health problems at a young age. However, Philip noted that Gunner has been an inspiration since finding out the news.


“When he came home from the hospital, he was showing his sisters all the diabetes-related stuff he got,” Philip explained to Fox 5. “To me, I don’t know why, that was the toughest day. I got home and, shoot, I lost it. I was bawling, crying. He was so excited to show them, and I was just thinking, ‘Man, his life’s changed forever.’ I remember the one thought in my head was, ‘Gosh, you’re going to have to prick his finger to go play catch in the yard. Goodness gracious.’”




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