That’s So Gwennie – Meet the Visionary Behind Hermoza’s Newest Collection

That’s So Gwennie – Meet the Visionary Behind Hermoza’s Newest Collection

That’s So Gwennie – Meet the Visionary Behind Hermoza’s Newest Collection

When Hermoza came on the scene nearly a year ago, we dove into the special space we made for the line to thrive. We wanted a brand of our own that helped us connect with women who were ready for different, more, and just outright chic. Immediately, we knew we were on to something great and new and the momentum just gathered from there.


Cut ahead 10 months and we can’t believe how far we’ve come. Meeting like-minded women who have made their own way in a saturated industry has been our proudest achievement. These women have inspired and challenged us, kept us focused on our visions for the brand, and have dared us to dream bigger.


Cue the fanfare…


We are ecstatic to introduce you to, a Hermoza after our own heart, the line’s new designer, Gwen Pavlick! With 25 years of experience in the fashion, marketing, and swimwear industries, this creative genius is exactly what we’ve been waiting for – a breath of fresh air and a working mom to boot!


Who is she??



Gwen is based in Carlsbad, North County and is a fourth generation San Diegan. An empress of taste, she has created happily ever after right in her home and luxuriates in waking up productive, training hard to maintain her Ironman fitness goals, then working in her studio right when inspiration hits.


Her new partnership with Hermoza was written in the stars. She says it’s as if everything aligned just perfectly when we met, and we couldn’t agree more! Gwen has done it all – shoes, high-end dresses, working with icons such as Marc Jacobs – her life has been unreal. But something kept drawing her back to swimwear. With proof of her passion for design showing up in her bathing suit sketches in the 80s, Gwen believes firmly that a closed door is a blessing and failure is a sign of something better. We are so here for driven women of faith who show up for a life well-lived.


A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Swimsuits


Gwen’s eye for design and her carefully curated aesthetic stems from mixing passion with experience. After working with 25 different companies, she’s learned a thing or two (or ninety) about the art and science of fashion. She’s owned her own swim brand and has opened her own store front. Her work has been featured at Nordstrom and other fine retailers. She’s completely used to (and not afraid of) standing out in competitive sales channels. Her ability to push through when the tough gets tougher and her revolutionary spirit are a perfect fit for our female-driven creative team.


Drawn immediately to the opportunity with the brand, Gwen saw in Hermoza a line of swim and resort wear that hadn’t been done yet. With so much redundancy in the industry, she was relieved to see a brand that is unique, yet still classic and elegant. With a natural gift for understanding color theory, Gwen’s background in painting and print making is well-suited for joining us as we meet the needs and expectations of our 21st century Hermozas.


Devoted to crafting divine collections of her own (read: coats, boots, bags, oh my!), Gwen believes and trusts in her inherent gift for cultivation. An artist at her core, her personal closet is a haven of inspiration. She believes in a first for everything, knows exactly what she wants, and isn’t scared to take risks. She gravitates to heirloom-quality pieces and makes deliberate choices to elevate her creative spirit. She is the perfect voice for women who strive to stay faithful, healthy, and driven to lead meaningful lives on-the-go.


Dare Mighty Things


We knew Gwen was perfect to bring the Spring/Summer Collection to our Hermozas the minute we realized how driven and strong she was. A natural risk-taker, Gwen believes in reinvention, but only if it will pack a punch. With the new prints and styles coming soon, we know exactly what she means. Our new, vibrant, vivid, floral prints are perfect for that 20/20 vision we’ve all been resolving to achieve.


Gwen is a Hermoza with big dreams and high hopes and she is certainly going to take the line right where it needs to be in the new year. Never forced, always intuitive and motivated, her vision radiates through the brand like a prism of glorious, renewed, courageous energy.


And to top it all off, she manages it beautifully while being a dedicated mom to a little Hermoza of her own. The ever-curious spirit behind the best version of herself, Gwen’s daughter is the motivation that fuels her creativity and strength. Every ounce of her youthful grace has clearly been channeled into the newest designs for our exclusive girls’ collection coming to the site this May. A selfless mom who can manage time to stay fit, focused, and fashionable is everything we need to see daily to stay in our lanes and to serve up fresh takes on timeless elegance.


We can’t stop singing Gwen’s praises, and like most people who meet her, we quite put our finger on why we like her the most. But we just do. At the end of the day, we STAN a Hermoza like Gwen Pavlick. Humble, intelligent, classy, and innovative. Just yes.


Welcome, Gwen. We can’t wait for our Hermozas to fall right in love with you too.


Besos, Hermoza

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Wow, that was beautiful and well written! Very kind words that brought me to tears. Honestly, I don’t know if I deserve all that credit but I hope my gratitude comes across sincerely when I say … THANK YOU and that I am the one that is blessed with this partnership!

Cheers to 2020 and on-word!

Besos and Blessings,

Gwennie "Gwendolina"

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