Interview with Marisa De Lecce

Interview with Marisa De Lecce


In this episode, Marisa takes us on her journey that started with a career in healthcare and moved into launching a now very successful swimwear line, Hermoza . With Colombian and Mexican parents, her family went from rags to riches through hard work, dedication and perseverance. Before starting the swimwear line, she worked for the non-profit, Rivers of Hope, owned by Chargers' quarterback Philip Rivers and his wife Tiffany. She and Tiffany hit it off so well that they formed a company together, manufacturing and selling comfortable and chic swimwear in vibrant colors. One of their swimsuits was featured in Oprah Magazine! In this episode, she discusses how she met her husband, what helped her make the leap from healthcare to being a successful business owner, and what the future looks like for this inspiring entrepreneur.

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