21 Swimsuits Just for New Moms


The closest thing I am to being a mom, is being a part time dog-mom to a really cute french bulldog named Stella. I have so much respect and admiration to all of the amazing women out there who are moms, especially the new ones. From what I understand, having a baby wreaks havoc on your body. So I can imagine that getting ready for a much needed summer vacation and trying to find a swimsuit postpartum can be an understandably fraught experience. We can all agree that everyone's postpartum experience is unique. I talked with friends and colleagues who are moms, and they shared some tips on what made them feel comfortable, such as one pieces, bikinis with high waisted bottoms, and thick fabrics that hold you in. There's no such thing as a #mombod. There are just women who happen to be mothers and also have bodies! To each their own. The nuances for For women who are nursing verses no longer nursing are so complex. However, searching for a great swimsuit does not have to be. Here are 21 swimsuits that I hope can be a great start to feeling like the amazing woman you already are.

21Charlotte One-piece Swimsuit, $138
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