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Hermoza Swimwear: Q & A with Marisa De Lecce

Hermoza is a women-owned swimwear company that exemplifies confidence and beauty designed to meet the needs for all figures at any age. Co-founded by Tiffany Rivers and Marisa De Lecce, the elegant Hermoza line features high-quality bright and bold wearable suits that are flattering, accessible, and reasonably priced. Tiffany Rivers is the wife of NFL Los Angeles Chargers Quarterback Philip Rivers. She aids in securing resources for underserved children through her non-profit organization Rivers of Hope. Marisa De Lecce, a graduate from USC with a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration began her career managing the Rivers of Hope. Together they have created a swimwear line that combines River’s southern classical roots and De Lecce’s Latin sophisticated background.

How did you and Tiffany meet?

Tiffany and I met 12 years ago through my aunt and uncle. My uncle was their pediatrician and we all just clicked very well.

How did it come about that you two should start your own fashion line together? And why swimsuits?

After constantly joking about wearing our workout clothes to the pool (seriously), we decided to stop settling for less and started designing for the style and performance that fit our lives and our bodies. We saw such a gap in the market we had to go for it. With so many swim options we found this category was underserved. We wanted to provide heirloom quality suits without the luxury price tag. For this reason, we decided to go direct to consumer.

How was it decided to incorporate both of your distinctive tastes?

Tiffany has a southern background and I have a Latin background. They marry so well together. Our collections infuse Latin-influenced prints with vibrant colors, bold designs and chic, sophisticated elegance. We are southern class meets Latin sophistication.

What would you say is different about the Hermoza Brand compared to others?

Hermoza is a classic Spanish and southern-inspired brand that adds feminine charm to swim and resort wear. We believe you don’t have to show it all to feel beautiful. We are distinctive in our simple approach to offering one-piece swimsuits with classic, supportive silhouettes made from the highest quality materials without the designer price tag. Our Hermoza woman is chic, timeless and elegant. She is the perfect amount of bold. The Hermoza line is designed to enhance a woman’s inherent class and sophistication.

What made you decide to name your fashion brand Hermoza? Did it have
anything to do with your Latin roots or was it because it means beautiful in

Hermosa is derived from the Spanish word hermosa, meaning “beautiful”. We added in the “z” as we liked the way it looked visually. Hermoza is a modern take on the traditional word Hermosa. Just like our modern woman.

I see you have different names for the swimsuits. Are these names significant in both your lives? I see there is the Marisa and Tiffany. Would you say this would describe yours and Tiffany’s personal taste and style?

Internally our mantra is “beauty, it’s in the details”. This holds true even down to the
names we used. Each swimsuit is made after women we love and cherish. This
includes, grandmothers, mothers, daughters and nieces. This even holds for our website which translates to: the beautiful.

I am 31, recently married with no children. I love bright vibrant colors that bring out my skin tone, but I also love low backs, a good square neckline. I want to stand out when I’m in my suit and not look like everyone else. I love suits that can transition into bodysuits. The versatility is great. My style celebrates the classics while embracing on-trend details.

Tiffany is 36, a mother of 9 (recently just had her 9th) and loves suits she can run around in, build sand castles, and swim. Her go-to’s are generally tankinis, but she loves to wear our one-pieces with our short sarongs that are made out of swim fabric. They serve as a swim skirt. Her style is traditional meets practical.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about your fantastic
swimwear line?

We work 60+ hours per season with our fit models to ensure each style fits most bodies and does most activities. Yes, even jumping jacks and climbing stairs. We love feedback and insight. There is always room for improvement. Our vibrant, one-of-a-kind patterns give a trompe l’eoil effect to create a slimmer silhouette. All prints are designed in-house and are one of a kind. We use next-generation, high-tech fabrics that work for you. Think 4-way stretch, quick drying, less water absorption and fabric memory. Most brands use one fabric across all their body styles. Not us! We offer three performance fabrics, because who doesn’t like options? Dive into our Sculpt, Shape and Movement collections and discover the ones best suited for you. Lastly, the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. We believe Hermoza is a close second.

Dive into to find the perfect suit for your tastes.

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I haven’t had a positive experience purchasing a swimsuit since I was in my teens; when everything fit right! Working with MiMi was a delight! Not only are the products wonderful; well made and flattering, the ease of obtaining the right style was a breeze! I can’t imagine buying a swimsuit anywhere else! Thank you Hermoza!!

Melissa Fielding

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