Your Cancun Adventure Guide

Your Cancun Adventure Guide

Cancun should be considered the ninth wonder of the world in our book! When you think of Cancun, you may dream of the dazzling, blue ocean or the warm, sandy beaches. But little may you know that Cancun is also know for its adventures that will be remembered for a lifetime! Tag along as we go through some of the best (and possibly most underrated!) things to do on your next Mexican vacay!

When the wheels first touch ground in Cancun, you may be tempted to run for the beaches (reasonably so!). While you’re laying out on the beach, the best thing to do next would be to snorkel along the coast. One of the greatest things about Cancun are the many rental spots! Along almost every beach, you can find all kinds of rental stands renting anything from jet skis, to snorkeling gear, to paddles boards! We love renting the snorkeling equipment and heading off to hunt for some of the best fish and coral reefs. For this, you may want a wetsuit, like bathing suit which we think the Vivian one-piece swimsuit would be perfect for this! The Vivian one-piece swimsuit is ideal for spending you time in the water and protecting you from the beaming sun.

If you decide to take your snorkeling experience to the next level, we think it’s worth purchasing tickets to the Underwater Museum of Art. The underwater art exhibit shows 500 sculptors created by Jason de Caires Taylor to feature intricate and striking structures submerged in the water and surrounded by the ocean’s beautiful fish. This experience is unlike any other and a perfect way to spend the afternoon!

Next on your itinerary is lunch at Marinero's for some authentic Caribbean cuisine (and if you love coconut shrimp, we think you should order that as well!). Some other lunch reservations we think are worth taking a peak at are Umami for the best sushi and Cenacolo Zona Hotelera for some homemade pasta. Since Hermoza one-piece swimsuits are designed for the day to night you can easily wear your favorite Liz one-piece swimsuit with your Julia wrap skirt as you head off to your luxurious lunch!


When you’re done with lunch, take a quick drive to Playa del Carmen for one the most remarkable, Mexican escapes known as Río Secreto (what we’re most excited to tell you about!). Río Secreto is an underground maze of dramatic rock formations and tranquil waters in this hidden network of rivers and caves. Your guided tour will lead you through beautiful underwater trails and historical sights not seen by many. This is such a fun experience that you cannot find anywhere else which is why we think is 100% worth it to explore when visiting Mexico.

We think some of these activities are perfect to add to your growing list of things to do while visiting Cancun. When visiting a new and beautiful country, we know you’re going to want take advantage of all it has to offer! We hope you enjoy your Caribbean vacation and soak in all the wonders it surrounds!

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