Your Book List For The Summer

Your Book List For The Summer

Being able to detach from everything electronic and sit next to the pool or at the beach is my most favorite anytime activity. There is something so incredibly relaxing about being near the water and immersing my entire consciousness in the pages of a great book. I delve deep too. Sometimes, I literally must shake my head back and forth after some spine-gripping action in a novel. It wakes me up and brings me back to reality even though I was trying to escape for a few minutes (or a few hours) to be on my own for a bit.


This vacation season, I encourage you to find something new. Explore the shelves at your local bookstore. Connect with the employees there and ask for their favorites or consider something in the list below. For fun, we’ve paired each title with the swim and resort wear we envision you in as you delight in these page-turners.


The Classics 

I am going to be completely cliché and predictable. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen is my go-to favorite classic. I have read it several times since I was fifteen, the year I first met Elizabeth Bennet. Interestingly though, I am not so obsessively onboard with her being the greatest literary heroine of all time. I just enjoy the way she explores the world and relationships around her. She is an adventurer. She takes risks. She struggles with being kind to her family and with saying the right things at the right times. She has always been a girl after my own heart, and I live to rediscover her character each time I crack open my copy (or skip to the 2005 film with Keira Knightley or the 1995 BBC mini-series with Colin Firth – swoon).


While reading Elizabeth’s verbal tête-à-têtes with Mr.Darcy, our Hermoza would look divine in something from our newest collection.  Can’t you just see yourself lounging and revitalizing your book-loving spirit in our stunning Adriana? Part of our Sculpt Collection, this phenomenal one-piece is a captivating work of haute couture. Its gorgeous lines, details, and insightful construction enhance and support your figure, maximizing an exquisite and refined shape. This piece is evocative of the polished structures worn in 19th century fashion, but for our Hermoza, we’ve made the sculpted fit without constriction. The Adriana offers full chest and bottom coverage in its elevated and well-crafted design with a graceful open back that highlights your statuesque frame. This swimsuit could absolutely work as an undergarment tastefully paired with the right skirt/jeans and jacket combination. With an optional strap that offers delicate, versatile support, the Adriana can make any statement she chooses to support any vision you have for styling. Imagine: our Hermoza being as resourceful and confident as Elizabeth Bennet as she navigates afternoons at the beach to the exhilarating scenes of her nightlife.


A Great Suspense

Alex Michaelides’ gripping novel The Silent Patient is about pain, fear, danger, silence, and the complicated nature of the truth. My favorite page turner of the year so far, this book is sure to have you on the edge of your seat. A psychological exploration of the tragic dynamics in relationships, artistry, and domestic life, The Silent Patient’s conclusive twist will have you rooted in your lounge chair, gasping for air. The main character Alicia’s refusal to speak is both heartbreaking and puzzling. The narrator, Alicia’s therapist Theo investigates the crime surrounding Alicia’s condition and becomes drawn to her while attempting to clarify the cause of the events preceding her institutionalization in a facility. Throughout this entire read, I found myself second-guessing the plot and questioning the characterization so much, I never knew who or what to trust.


For our Hermoza who is ready to make an intense statement, consider our dramatic Grace. An architectural marvel, the Grace offers the full chest and bottom coverage of a one-piece while showcasing the harmony between your upper body and lower torso. This is not at all your daughter’s two piece or your mother’s swimsuit. A collaborative design exclusive to our brand, the Grace is ideal for our more serious Hermoza who is intent on making a statement built on class or refinement. Part of our Sculpt Collection and available in black, the Grace top is ideal underneath a suit to the office to add additional fierceness and strength to your business wardrobe. To put it plainly, the Grace will leave everyone speechless, on or off the beach.


THE Riveting Romance To End All Romances

I can’t help being self-indulgent here. Curating a recommended book list feels so personal and intimate, I have to go with my gut. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is a perfect standby for summer binge reading and 9 out 10 men are unapologetic about loving it just as much as we Hermozas do. * Sparks has a formula for gripping, cheesy, unattainable romances that just works. If you read one of his novels, you prepare yourself for a love that will never work and characters who are stubborn and obligated. We sign on for ridiculous because it just feels right and real and perfect. Anyway, Noah and Allie become so much the center of our universe that we can’t help but cringe as the fall for each other, then lose each other, then find each other, then lose each other again. It’s as if they are best friends of ours who mean everything to us, and we will forever ship them. Don’t forget to melt over Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling duking it out over the hopeless impossibilities smothering their relationship in the 2004 screen adaptation.


Our Gayle one-piece in red is THE MOST STRIKING love letter you can ever give yourself. In fact, you will obsess over the flattering fit of this swimsuit so much that you will become your own soulmate (without the gut-wrenching romance drama). A timeless and chic silhouette that is captivating in its effortless style, this swimsuit is EXACTLY what our romantics deserve. Part of our Sculpt Collection and available in black, the Gayle is meant to be adored, just like our Hermozas. Designed and carefully constructed to provide an accentuated lift and polish, the Gayle’s contoured elegance is accessible yet sophisticated. With a boy cut on the legs and ruching detail cascading down the front and as a complementary feature on the lower back, the Gayle’s class and style matches that of the Hermoza we envision reading a Sparks novel. With delicate shoulder straps that are feminine and supportive, this swimsuit’s best feature by far, is the playful yet tasteful tie at the midback that showcases an open section above the hips. This one-piece stands alone as the most distinguished, classic, lovely swimsuit that renews your faith in fashionable, dignified coverage.


*Just kidding. I have no idea how many male readers gravitate to rich characters involved in realistic, passionate love stories. I am certain all of them obsess over this one though.


Empowering Self-Help

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who Your Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be by Rachel Hollis is hands-down the winner for best, longest title of any book ever. I mean, who reads that cover AND DOESN’T feel intrigued by the possibilities? This DIY fix-it-yourself handbook is a humorous, faith-based, direct and clear approach to recognizing the issues with negative self-talk that are far more problematic for us than the external situations in which we find ourselves. I LOVE packing this book in my suitcase, my car, my purse, or in my work bag because no matter where I am, en route, in line, waiting patiently through uncontrollable circumstances, this book is ideal for a quick visit. Divided into chapters based on the common lies many of us tell ourselves daily, Girl, Wash Your Face is a gorgeous reminder that we are all, at times, on the struggle bus attempting to embrace our inherent flaws and shortcomings. As her follow up novel suggests, Hollis recommends that we stop apologizing for certain behaviors in order to elevate our power to become grateful, joyous, and confident in the skin we are in.


And speak of loving the skin we are in – our Sarah in white and black is everything you could ever want to make an appearance on the coast or at the resort. Distinctive and exclusive to Hermoza, the Sarah was mindfully crafted to emphasize and enhance your curves. Part of the Sculpt Collection, this heavenly, yet durable, four-way stretch fabric offers the gift of a satisfying squeeze that molds to your natural shape. It’s like you are splurging on yourself with a delightful hug that also helps you look like a complete goddess. Seriously. No lie. The Sarah offers luxury performance wear that is simultaneously on trend and classic. Its imported Italian fabric gives an authentic self-love realness that is dynamite for your confidence and optimism. While you don’t need a contoured suit to help you “fake it till you make it,” you do need age-appropriate, attractive, heirloom-quality pieces in your wardrobe that match your queen-level energy. Marianne Williamson once said that “there is nothing enlightened about shrinking …We are all meant to shine.” We can’t help but be excited for you to see how much the Sarah can help you there.


So, what do you think, Hermoza? What are your favorite beach and poolside reads? Is the suit you are currently wearing capable of indulging you in afternoon-long book fest extravaganzas? We want you to be comfortable and radiant enough to enjoy your ideal time away from it all and hope you’ll bring Hermoza swim and resort wear along with you.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany


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