What Your Swimsuit Fabric Should Do For You

What Your Swimsuit Fabric Should Do For You

What Your Swimsuit Fabric Should Do For You



A woman’s natural body should be celebrated. Too often, however, we are asked to compromise and sacrifice taste and beauty for price and availability. With Hermoza swim wear, women are finally able to be more selective. Unique fabrics have been chosen and designed to support and flatter your curves. Now, you can move confidently while feeling comfortable in a piece that is well-suited to you and to the occasion. Whether you’re looking for beach wear for the day time or resort wear for the evening, the versatile pieces in the Hermoza swim collections will sculpt to your body while helping you honor the strength, class, and beauty within.



Our suits are designed to maintain timeless silhouettes with just the right amount of coverage. Gone are the days where a woman must sacrifice comfort for style, or vice versa. Hermoza swim and resort wear is made to move to support the complexity of a woman’s day-to-day responsibilities and expectations. Our line offers women the right to choose comfort and style in suits that shape, sculpt, and protect their natural bodies. Our products are well-suited for the competitive athlete who requires durable functionality in performance fabrics. Our suits are perfect for the woman who takes time for herself to rest and rejuvenate poolside in a decadent suit designed to tastefully enhance her curves. Our line is ideal for the woman who resists restriction and desires to run up and down the beach all day, chasing the waves (and possibly her kids) or building castles in the sand before sunset.


Classic Prints

With inspiration drawn from our lives, Hermoza’s seasonal patterns and solids offer women classic beauty and grace. The strength and complexity of being a discerning woman is the cornerstone of our brand and the motivation that drives our line. Our prints embody the dependable, tasteful, consistent, effortless sensibility with which we, as women were raised. With our vibrant and exciting prints and excellent craftsmanship, we are certain our Hermoza woman will feel radiant in fabrics designed with honor and mindfulness.


To put it simply…

Our Hermoza woman will be able to move, to rest easy knowing she is protected, and to feel comfortable as a socially aware and responsible consumer. Our line is beauty, well-suited to provide women choices without demanding concession.


Hermoza is that supportive friend with impeccable taste who offers you honest feedback while instilling confidence and strength in your decisions. Our swim and resort wear are meticulously crafted to provide shape for the woman learning to honor her curves, movement for the active woman on the go, and sculpted options for the woman who desires a bit more support. You can count on Hermoza to be there for every woman, for every moment, forever. A woman is many things which is represented in our Hermoza products.



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