What to Wear Vacationing in Italy

What to Wear Vacationing in Italy


If you’ve been to Italy, or have chronicled it’s rhythm through movies, stories, or Instagram, you know the drill. Wake up, dress up, walk to the most delicious meal of your life, sight see, eat something incredible again, rinse and repeat. There’s an art to living there that, once adopted and truly felt, becomes impossible to part with. The unrelenting architectural, geographical, and linguistic beauty rolls a pleasant sense of calm and novelty into the most ordinary of tasks. Perhaps the key element here, for everything from Italian wine to Italian linen, is a sort of paradoxical detailed simplicity.

At Hermoza, we aim to design and live in a spirit very similar to that, which is to say, to infuse even the simplest piece with undeniable excellence and beauty. Every design is drawn and stitch is sewn with intention and integrity, as to guarantee its wearer with a sense of elegant, classic beauty. And so, we thought it’d be fun to imagine the two worlds colliding - una bella vacazione in Italia wearing nothing but Hermoza. Here is our take on “What to Wear”, Italian edition:


DAY 1: Rome

Before you hit the Amalfi coast, you’ve flown into Rome for a quick trip through La Citta Eterna. God willing, the sun is out, and you throw on your Betty Eyelet Shirt Dress with a pair of lacey espadrilles and your Hermoza Cat Eye Sunglasses for a day of leisurely, awe inducing strolling. Inside your Woven Tote is nothing but a disposable camera, your favorite shade of lipstick and a handful of Euros for the impending Trattoria pit stop where a pile of the creamiest, pepperiest caccio e pepe and a beautiful glass of pinot awaits. You’ll pad through the city taking in the ancient beauty of marble statues, glorious cathedrals and smooth cobble stones wearing a linen dress like a modern day Sofia Loren.





DAY 2: Amalfi

After a sweet, dreamy train ride to Naples, you’ll hop in a car and head to Amalfi, from where you will journey by boat along the Adriatic toward your final destination, Positano. This place is the stuff of dreams. The image of pulling into this seaside colony carved into a mountain side is nothing short of magic. You’ll change out of your travel clothes (simple tee, jeans/yoga pants & sneakers), shower off the journey and get dolled up for dinner in your Mari Ruffle Dress in Black paired with some strappy sandals and a pair of Abigail’s Flower Orbit earrings for a major statement. Pasta, perfect prosciutto, and twinkling lights will lull you into the Italian way in no time.




DAY 3: Positano

You’re awake, in the vacay flow, and ready for a proper day of exploring Positano. Glide around ready for a dip in the Adriatic Sea in your Toni One-piece Swimsuit in Black underneath either the Anne Marie Linen Pant in Black, or your best pair of jeans and a pair of comfy sandals. You’ll climb the cobble stone streets of Positano, hopping into Linen stores and markets for mineral water and a quick bite. The sights, sounds and smells will melt you into the scenery like a muse from a Felini movie. Lay along the coast and soak up the sweet Italian sunshine, protecting your face with your Hermoza Akra Hat. After a shower and quick touchup of mascara and blush, throw on your Asha Linen Dress with a sleek bun and pair of Rainbow Lock earrings as a punch of color that is an homage to the rainbow city around you.





DAY 4: Capri

Another dreamy boat trip will ferry you over to Capri, a place that lovers of glamour, exclusivity and beauty have summered in for centuries. Arrive at the peaceful port and hop on a tram that will shepherd you uphill to a village of designer shops and restaurants akin to 5th avenue. Manicured hedges, incredible villas and views are second in beauty only to you in your Betty Wrap Shirt atop your Anne Marie Linen pants in white. Soak in the sounds of lapping waves, Italian conversation and the joy of a place so chic you have to see it to believe it.



This summer, La Dolce Vita is yours for the taking. Whether you’re planning on journeying to Italy or simply summering with it’s rhythm in mind, our pieces have got you covered. Airy linens, romantic cuts and flattering fits by Hermoza are guaranteed to transport you to a beautiful state of mind and an elegant, classic, look that is, simply put, bellissima.

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