What To Wear to A Pool Party If You're Not Swimming

What To Wear to A Pool Party If You're Not Swimming

Ever been invited to a swim party, but have zero intention of swimming? We hear you and feel you – we’ve been there and done that! We have the perfect style guide for what to wear to a pool party for those who are not swimming.   

The first option we have is a matching set. The matching set can effortlessly elevate your look, while keeping you stress free when it may feel like there is nothing to wear. One of our favorite sets is the Nora top and Nora bottom in washable silk. This bold patterned, flowy, outfit is all you need for a truly femme day-to-night party look. It’s light, it’s breezy, and it is polished.  

Not into patterns? We got you! Go vintage Hermoza and pair the Betty wrap shirt in black or white along with the Anne Marie pants and the matching color. All white and all black, you cannot go wrong. Just add some gold jewelry and you are set!  


Pareos and sarongs are in this year, and there are so many fun trendy ways to wear them. Creating a top with any pareo or scarf gives vacation vibes and brings an interesting take on what most only see as a cover-up. This can be paired with pretty much anything on the bottom, but for a pool party flowy pants or jean shorts work great, with a cute sandal or wedge! Want some inspiration? Take a look at our recent TikTok showing how just how to style a pareo as a top. 

Here is another way you can wear a pareo as a top. Featured on one of our favorite influencers @stylebyabena, she pairs our silk sarong as a wrap halter top and we’re loving it.




Wearing a pareo or sarong as it was originally intended to, is just as fabulous. This look can be paired with a body suit or a one-piece swimsuit without looking like you are going for a swim. If you do not feel like wearing a sarong and want to dress up your look a little more, a maxi skirt would be perfect. Just grab a bag, hat, sunglasses (checkout our sunglasses from DIFF, they are great staples) and your fav footwear and you are good to go. 



Another understated look is a kimono. Wear it as a dress and pair with some platforms and you have the retro vibe everyone is loving. You can also wear your kimono with your favorite pair of jeans and top leaving it loose and open. Our preferred kimonos of course, is the Sunrise Ikat pattern from Hermoza! All you need is some jewelry and accessories to make the outfit shine! 


Last but certainly not least is throwing on your favorite sundress or romper! These can be dressed up or dressed down so effortlessly that it is really hard to go wrong. Find some chunky jewelry, a wide brimmed hat, fun colorful shoes, or large sunnies to elevate your sundress or romper to the next level.  

A sun dress and romper are easy and breathable, making it the perfect outfit to wear to a pool party when you are not swimming and in the heat. 



When your next pool party arrives, just think “what would Hermoza do”. We always got you covered! We hope this style guide helps you add a little spice to your look. We believe confidence is the most beautiful thing you can wear, and Hermoza is a close second.  


Marisa & Tiffany  

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