What to Do When Your S.O.’s a Fan (or an Athlete)

What to Do When Your S.O.’s a Fan (or an Athlete)

What to Do When Your S.O.’s a Fan (or an Athlete)

Hermoza’s co-founder, Tiffany knows better than anyone what it’s like to manage a household during the football season. But, for the rest of us dealing with the heightened tension during playoffs, life might look a little different. The rollercoaster of emotions permeating the living room and kitchen, the “I’ll call him back later” missed phone calls after an upsetting loss, the keeping up with all the superstitions to ensure a solid shut out (at some point, haven’t we all wore the lucky socks?) -- it’s hard to keep spirits high with all the ups and downs, victories and upsets, celebrating and consoling. Even if your team is headed to the Super Bowl, you know being (or supporting) a fan takes more than just putting on a jersey and a cute hat. Read on for our tips for surviving the remainder of the season in style.


  • The night before you have friends over for the game, give yourself some R & R to restore and revive your sweet spirit. We recommend quality undereye patches, some bubbles, and a soothing playlist while soaking in a decadent bath that’ll have you fangirl-ready first thing in the morning.
  • You probably already know this, but com has an awesome line of gear just for women. Elevate your fashion game with styles well-suited for your figure. And why wear your husband’s oversized jersey again this year when you can find fitted tees just for you? Adorable and comfortable, these shirts are exactly what you need to show your game guests that you came out to see it all go down.
  • Everybody loves a sweet treat, so connect with your local bakery to custom design snacks to make your table a bit more fun and festive. While everyone loves a cupcake, get a bit more creative with football shaped whoopie pies, a fresh take on ice cream sandwiches sporting sprinkles and flavors that show some spirit, and snack mixes filled with ingredients that add a little pep to the table. Kick up the heat with cocktails like a Spicy Paloma, a Spicy Strawberry Mojito, or the Best Bloody Mary. Careful here though – once you start repping your team on the snacks table, there is no turning back. Go all out to ensure ditching the game to refuel is worth the effort and energy.
  • Making a solid charcuterie platter or cheese board has become an art in and of itself. It all starts with quality ingredients. Just because you invited everyone over for the game doesn’t mean it has to look like you are tailgating in your dining room. Dairy- and gluten-free options are totally possible with distinctive approaches that’ll take your plates way beyond salami and a simple brie. Get inspired with this list of diverse boards and platters that take-it-all-the-way.
  • Or…get your mind off the game with a bestseller that’s a touchdown. Your guy will get it if you would rather excuse yourself entirely. Don’t even apologize either. If the game’s not for you, it’s not for you. Spend your time doing something you love – and we love reading! We recommend something from Lisa Scottoline, Kiley Reid, or Elizabeth Strout to stay up-to-date with your book club (or with Reese and Oprah). Nothing says “me time” better than a quiet curl up with your best blanket, a cup of tea, and an intense page turner that has you anchored to your seat. Skip the bookmark, Hermozas. They’re for quitters.
  • Or…get out of the house entirely and skip all the prep! If your heart’s not in the game, consider making plans with all the other S.O.s who aren’t interested in all the fuss. Plan a shopping trip, a weekend getaway, a spa day, wine tasting, or binge watch something together to give the fans all the space they need to do what they do. While we are here for supporting our S.O.’s passions, if your team didn’t make the playoffs, you might be down to skip the soirée altogether. Let everyone else get amped to watch this year’s commercials while you invest in some time with your sweet friends. If heading out of town, get pumped with a road trip playlist full of classic hits to celebrate having time and space out and about.




No matter how you decide to celebrate the end of the season, Hermoza’s got you covered. Stylish sarongs make excellent hair wraps to elevate a casual game day ensemble. The Ana Long Romper Cover Up is the perfect loungewear for a chill Sunday at home. Add a bit of polish to your jersey with handcrafted hoops from El Salvador. Pack the perfect one-piece to the spa. Stay hydrated with a sustainable and exclusive Hermoza bottle. Don’t tell anyone, but it also keeps a tasty Moscato perfectly chilled for a roadside picnic. No matter your gameday preference, we got you!


Besos, Hermoza

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