What Kind of Swimsuit Should I Wear? (Quiz)

What Kind of Swimsuit Should I Wear? (Quiz)

We could all use a bit of help these days. Am I right, Hermoza? Even something as simple as “what kind of swimsuit should I wear” seems like the most complicated life decision ever known to woman. And for good reason! Thriving in a pandemic, while working from home, taking care of yourself and your family, staying safe, supporting small businesses, and ALL THE THINGS are beyond challenging, so we won’t judge you if you start searching for the best swimsuits for body type quizzes just to stay entertained.

Answering questions about yourself is fun anyway. For some of us, it might be that one cathartic thing we do alongside setting boundaries and (mouth) breathing just to stay sane. A ‘what swimsuit should I wear’ quiz could offer you the greatest sense of personal clarity you’ve had in months, without question. And again, there’s no shame in that, Hermoza.

Your expectations have likely shifted considerably since pre-swim season so why not ask ‘what kind of swimsuit should I wear’? Quiz yourself again to see the variety of results so you can take your pick. As the primary inspirations for our many of our designs, our favorite Hollywood icons give all the vintage vibes we can handle, so we made something fun out of it!

Click here to take our ‘What Style Swimsuit Should I Wear’ Quiz (throwback edition), with swimsuit style icons of Old Hollywood as our inspo. Then cruise on over to the collection to scroll through vintage swimsuits that always get us in the nostalgia feels.

Through every stage of your life, Hermoza, you’ve asked yourself “what swimsuit looks best on my body”, quizzing the fashion industry for answers. Why put so much stock in what they have to say? Your gorgeous confidence and smile are everything you need to show up and stand out this season. Find the most flattering and feminine luxury swimwear to ensure your best features are highlighted to the max. That gets easier and easier to do when your swimsuit is made of sensational imported Italian fabric and fits as it should.

You know your shape and size. You know what calls to you. Go with your gut and Hermoza to find flattering coverage in modest swimwear in a variety of shades and styles. Our responses to a basic swimsuit for body type quiz speaks volumes in our exclusive designs, fully conceived in-house. No need to grab the same one-piece everyone else was directed to when you can choose distinctive swimwear that puts your fashion sense on the map.

You’re not just one thing, Hermoza, so how can five minutes on the internet or in a magazine define who you should be or what you should look like for an entire season? You are an icon. It’s about time you found a swim and resort wear wardrobe that can keep up with you so you can ditch the next ‘what swimsuit looks best on my body’ quiz.

Fresh, fun, and flirty for your summer to fall transition is our phenomenal Barbara one-piece swimsuit in cloud. An absolute daydream, this nod to Southern femininity and class’ll give you a major sweet yet sophisticated mood. Perfect from our Movement Collection, the Barbara is universally flattering with its classic maillot design and its luxurious fabric that’s as soft as a second skin.

Well-suited for the Hermoza who’s ready to take a few risks without putting it all out there, the Marisa one-piece swimsuit in Geo Guatape is a dream. Full coverage meets a fun pastel pattern that is super on-trend is just one way to describe why we love it so much. Exceptionally available in extended sizes to 18 and a series of patterns and shades to complement any closet, the Marisa is also classically lovely on all body types.

Rather than settling for another fast-fashion piece from the results of the latest ‘what kind of bathing suit for my body type’ quiz, consider what truly matters. A one-piece swimsuit like the Genevieve is ideal for Hermozas who are on-the-go and need to pack something in their luggage that is versatile enough in the water and out. Perfectly paired with pants for the boardwalk or under a long sarong for the beach, the Genevieve is one of the best swimsuits for most body types. Quiz your BFFs and they’ll probably tell you they want the same things for their swimsuit: coverage, confidence, and comfort. The Genevieve delivers all three. Fully-lined, flattering tummy control that smooths without restriction, this swimsuit is available through size 18 from our Shape Collection.

You don’t need to take a fashion quiz to find pieces that speak to you. When you take a chance on meticulously constructed swim and resort wear, you’ll rarely go wrong. ICYMI, Hermoza’s swimwear is designed and produced to ensure your classic, chic, iconic status never goes out of style. With timeless pieces that are luxurious and flattering on the outside, powerful and comfortable on the inside, you’ll find a tried and true piece that fulfills your expectations and meets your needs.


TLDR: Easiest ‘What Kind of Swimsuit Should I Wear’ quiz ever: 1) Does it fit? 2) Is it flattering? 3) Does it make you feel fabulously feminine? Check? Check? And check? Then, she’s the one for you. Follow us back to the website instead of taking another ‘swimsuits for body type’ quiz and to scroll through our collections for your next heirloom-quality investment.

Besos, Hermoza

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