What is a Caftan?

What is a Caftan?

Have you been wanting something different to wear on vacation? A little more sophistication and elegance? If so, we’d like to introduce you to our newest coverup addition, the caftan. She is everything dreamy, luxe, and fabulous!


Caftans have always been around, but they have been making a comeback these past few years. They originated in Persian countries and have slowly made their way to becoming a swimsuit coverup or vacation look in the modern day. Caftans were originally something like a tunic that only men wore, but as the decades passed women and royalty took over the look. These come in all different materials, such as silk, wool, and cotton. The Caftan has different ways to be styled and presented varying by country but here at Hermoza, we have light weight caftans that are long or short to give you a breathable and effortless look. In our December collection we have three new caftans!


As caftans have grown from being something like an overshirt or symbol of royalty, they can be worn casually or to a fancier event. Depending on your activity, a caftan can be worn to something as simple as an outdoor barbeque or a formal occasion, such as a wedding. They are very easy to dress up or down and can be a comfortable alternative to a dress. At Hermoza, we like to style it as a coverup - a bit fresher and more casual.



Our first Caftan we have is the Tiffany long caftan. It is in light breathable fabric in iconic white. With its crisp cotton silhouette, side seam slits, and relaxed collar, this dress is darling and daring all at once. Float along in Tiffany’s lightweight goodness to feel dressed to the nines, day or night. With the right shoes, hat, and chunky jewelry this would be the perfect look for a day of shopping and a night out. If you are worried that the white is see through, no worries, just add a white slip dress under or white bodysuit, such as our white Leonor swimsuit.




The next one we have is perfect if you like something a little shorter. Not only is this a great cover up for when you are on the beach, but the Vivi mini caftan is also perfect for a real look out. The adjustable tie around the waist can leave you cinched in, or you can wear it lose. The playful fringe accents, and our signature crisp linen come together for a simple, classic look. Some wedges and big bag with a colorful scarf could elevate this look to the next level. Since it is white, a simple way to make you more comfortable wearing it out instead of just over a suit, would be to use the white slip from our Fifi dress.



The last Caftan we have is in our signature Carrie long Caftan. This comes in our Hawaiian print in a rich sage color with cream accents. Slide on your Carrie long caftan for a flowy, free glamor look. With an adjustable belt and a V-neckline, you’ll feel cinched and contoured amidst a billowing, breezy silhouette. This definitely is a statement already with the print, but with some wedges and large brimmed hat it would be perfect for a look on a cruise vacation.




We hope you love our caftans as much as we do, and if you do have any fun vacations planned or you wear the caftan out, make sure to tag #Hermoza in your posts!




Tiffany & Marisa

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