We Are Seeing RED

We Are Seeing RED

Looking to brighten your swim go to? We got you covered and it is in the iconic color we all love, red! Featuring sculpting fabrics,  flattering fit, and silhouettes that spark confidence our new capsule will give you all the good feels, and let’s be honest who doesn’t look good in red? It is the universal shade that compliments all skin tones. 


Taking a closer look, we are crushing on our new novelty red chili pepper texture. The fabric is a pique novelty fabric; a little sporty texture that meets modern technology. Stretchy, breathable, and durable, this fabric feels like a dream. Soft to the skin, great texture and support, this suit is anything but restrictive.  


The slight pattern on the pique fabric, is created is created from the cords being layered in the fabric of the suit. It makes a honeycomb/grid shaped pattern that makes the color pop even more. The added weaving layer on top, creates an extra layer of compression to your suit which not only supports you, but also gives you extra longevity to avoid fabric tears. 



Our first suit in this lovely chili pepper color is the Margaret zip-up one-piece suit. This suit is giving major Baywatch vibes, because of the color of course and the sleek design, which embraces sporty codes of enduring chicness, making you suited for anything. The Margaret has always been a customer favorite, and we think that this Chili Pepper color is the perfect way to stand out this fall or summer. We love a vibrant escape from the cool tones of fall.  



The Josephine is the next suit on the list and she is one of our newest additions, giving a nod to our favorite holiday state of mind. She has contouring seam lines that will hold your figure in, adjustable ties and a low back, which give a stylish surprise as she turns and walks away! We had to make her in this rich Chili Pepper, because she is both vibrant and bold all tied up in a bow. 




Loved by Oprah, the Genevieve had to dip her toes into this chili pepper red. She is a crowd favorite already, but the first Genevieve to be made out of our luxury pique fabric! A high-necked suit that draws the eye, protects your skin, and cinches at the waist with a side sweeping knot tie, paired with our compressive fabric is a match made in heaven.  




Looking for something subtler? We got you covered (and forever will!). Our newest coverups are the perfect match to any suit. Black, white, and red. Meet the Susanna dress and Eve gaucho pant. The Susanna dress and Eve pants come in black, white, and red made in the prettiest eyelet fabric. The like peekaboo of sheerness adds a bit of mystery and allows for breathability. These are the perfect balance of play and polish that come in a luxe eyelet fabric that offers detail and dimension.  



Hermoza was founded by strong, passionate women and inspired by so many more. Show your strength, confidence and femininity in RED this upcoming holiday season as an ode to the holiday state of mind that we hope you can stay in all year long. 




Tiffany & Marisa  

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