Vintage Swimwear vs. Hermoza Swimwear

At Hermoza, we’re here to create timeless classics. We aim to construct pieces that both draw from the most coveted colors and silhouettes of the present, and recall the most iconic and elegant swimwear of the past. Striking that balance is our sweet spot, and the place where we feel best suited to provide you with pieces that will really stand the test of time.
In looking back at the bathing beauties of the past, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite style elements we lean on while producing our own.
In the 1920’s when Coco Chanel sunned herself to a deep tan on the French Riviera, sun worshiping became all the rage. This coincided with the widespread acceptance that swimsuits needed to shed unnecessary fabric, like long sleeves and long skirts, to allow swimmers to move more freely in the water and get more sunshine on their limbs. Thus, strapless suits came to be in an effort to avoid tan lines, innovate style, and show off their wearers freshly sunned shoulders. Our Leonor One-piece is our minimalist, classic nod to a suit we feel strikes a perfect balance between modest and chic. It’s a perfect choice to avoid tan lines while still feeling perfectly covered up as you frolic on the waterfront.
Swim Skirts
            As swimwear became less restrictive in the 1920’s and 1930’s, there were still major efforts by designers and society to ensure they remained modest. A company called Jantzen sold swimsuits that were cut at the upper thigh, similar to shorts, as a response to this effort. This lent a hand in the development of two piece swimwear, where a haltered swim top was paired with a swim skirt or shorts. Our Nicole Tankini top & skirt is our rendition of this style that we think really flatters and suits everyone. It’s simple, modest, and absolutely beautiful.
            In the 1940’s, the design foundations of swimwear began to solidify into those that we still use today. Because swimsuit silhouettes were relatively established, designers began focusing on style, material functionality, and flattery. They found that by ruching, the method of gathering the fabric into tight folds, they were able to create figure flattering contours for their wearers. We love ruching for that reason, as well as for its overall feminine, playful look. Our Marilyn One-piece is our salute to that classic design trick that has graced beach goers for nearly 80 years.
Any sun kissed situation that calls for a swimsuit deserves your full attention. When you get the chance to swim, paddle board, sunbathe, or boat, you’re worthy of swimwear so splendid that your mind can remain on the blissful task at hand, and emphatically not on fixing, adjusting or fussing with your get-up. So Hermoza, if you’re building a tan, making summer memories or just going for a dip, we want you in a bathing suit that feels exactly right - classic, covered, and simply beautiful. You can trust us & the icons of history we took notes from for just that peace of mind.

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