Vacation Vision Boarding for Brighter Days


It’s a little surreal that we’ve fully arrived at that cozy, quiet time of year when down comforters come out, heaters come on, and the sun begins to set before dinner is on the stove.  We’re heading into the winter months and nearly done weathering the storm of this rocky year that has left us all needing some true blue peace of mind. Our feeling is that it’s high time to take a break from the present, curl up with a journal or the Pinterest app, and dream up some future adventures we’d like to take.
This is where vision boarding for the future comes in, and can help make this funky time both useful and joyful. When things feel out of control, one of the very best gifts you can give yourself is visualizing and dreaming up plans for brighter days. Not only will you reap joy from thinking out the specifics, once those are in place, you have a real tangible trip to look forward to. When it happens matters less than knowing you’ll make it happen, Hermoza!
Believe it or not, sweater weather and this collective rough patch will be over before you know it, and when it is, you’ll be so glad you carved out time to get clear on the “what” and “where” of sunny free time to come - and rest assured, it’s coming! Hang tight, and take a look at some of our dreams and schemes for when the sun comes back out, both literally and metaphorically:
If you’d like to stay in the U.S.A:
Quogue, New York -
            Imagine this: You’re sun kissed and sleepy from a legendary day on the Atlantic Ocean with your loves and your littles. You pedal along a shady, hedge-lined avenue on your beach cruiser, wearing sandals and denim cut offs over your gingham Leonor One-Piece.  In your basket are a spray of fresh cut flowers, a crispy, doughy baguette and a bottle of local Rosé to break open with the ones you love as soon as you’ve parked your bike on a white gravel driveway. This little town in the Hamptons boasts a landscape that is greener and more quaint than seems possible, a bevy of tidy, loved homes with cedar shingles long aged from salty air, and vast beach access that rivals any other coastal city on the globe. Seafood, wine, and blackberry picking are the only to-do’s on this trip, where your chic Katie one-piece, some linen pants, and a beach towel are all you need.
Pas-A-Grille, Florida -
            There aren’t many places quite like Pas-A-Grille, a tiny, sun-bleached nook of a beach town tucked on the southernmost end of St. Pete’s Beach Florida, where pastel architecture and soft, white sand set the stage for unmatched beauty on the Gulf of Mexico. A day in the Gulf is akin to a day in a bath - you’ll float in the calm, warm, crystal clear water, and only realize it’s dinner time when the sky shifts from a brilliant blue to an entire palette of pastels above the western facing water. You’ll want to catch sunset at the historic Hurricane Seafood restaurant - their rooftop view of sunset on the Gulf is unparalleled. For the one block trek from the beach to the view, you’ll simply tie your Sail Away Vintage Pareo over your Tiffany two piece tankini and be ready for anything.
Malibu, CA -
Even the journey to Malibu is an adventure in itself. If you skip the PCH and instead take Malibu Canyon Road, you’ll cruise down a winding, two lane highway through canyons as sweeping and wild as Hawaii. As soon as those grassy peaks and valleys part, you’ll glimpse a view of the pacific so remarkable that you’ll instantly feel at ease. The vibe of the local population is a unique cross between small town, earthy Southern Californians, and folks who are legitimately as glamorous as it gets - so when you hit El Matador Beach wearing your sporty, sophisticated Katherine One-piece, you’ll be perfectly suited to soak up the natural splendors of one of the most beautiful places in California.
Tybee Island, GA -        
            Just east of Savannah is one of the South’s dreamiest landings, Tybee Island. It’s the kind of place that slows you down, hands you an iced tea and hugs you with humidity. You’ll don a Genevieve One-Piece with a flowy skirt, and stroll from the pool to a downtown so sweet you’ll think you dreamt it up. Rocking chairs, bungalows, strung lights and fireflies will lull you into the rhythm of this one of a kind American island that so many love so dearly.
And if your sights are set abroad:
Cartagena, Colombia -
            The magical Caribbean city of Cartagena will bring color and culture to your life so vivid that it’ll feel otherworldly. You’ll click atop the cobblestone streets in a pair of strappy sandals and your Rachel Convertible Maxi Dress and Skirt in Geo Guatape, eating fresh cut fruit and gazing up at vibrant plazas, rich, jewel toned archways and a beautiful gathering of people just as mesmerized by the city as you are. The water is turquoise, the sand is powder soft, and the food is soulful and one of a kind. A trip to Cartagena will sharpen your Spanish skills and place you in perfect harmony with one of South America’s most enchanting beach cities.
Positano, Italy -
            You’ve seen photos of the cities carved into the mountain sides of the Amalfi Coast of Italy, but nothing can prepare you for the feeling you’ll get when Positano comes into view. It’s a long journey that is only reachable by boat, but the pay off is incalculable. Whether you are poolside at your hotel, sunbathing with the locals at the rocky beach, or dancing through the hilly, impossibly picturesque streets, the only things you’ll need in your Jirau basket bag are a camera, some sunblock, and your Hermoza Sunglasses in brown. Whether you’re window shopping for linen and coral jewelry, crunching on a heavenly slice of pizza, or dipping in the Tyrrhenian Sea in your iconic Emily One-piece in white and black, you’ll look and feel just like Sophia Loren in this truly breathtaking città bella.
Brač, Croatia -  
            Brač, Croatia is an island on the Adriatic Ocean that exists outside of time. The quaint stone buildings with clay tile roofs and cobblestone streets are so ancient that you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped out of 2021 and into an era of yore. Olive trees and vineyards dot the landscape and will nourish your stay with the freshest wine and olive oil you’ve ever had. The slow lapping waves of the Adriatic and the ringing of 1700’s church bells will soundtrack your vespa rides through the venerable streets to the brilliant coastline. All you’ll need is a pair of Anne Marie Linen pants in white worn over your Genevive One-piece, also in white, to elegantly grace the streets of Brač on this uniquely European retreat.
Harbor Island, Bahamas -
            Harbor Island, or “Briland” to the locals, is maybe the biggest item on our bucket list of places to visit. There are plenty of reasons why that’s true, but number one is the pink sand. The sand is PINK, Hermoza! Just the thought of diving into the sparkling Caribbean Sea and coasting back to a towel draped over sugary, pink sand is enough to sustain us through these winter months. Take a few minutes and dig into photos of Harbor Island for an idea of what we’re talking about. This magical place is another jewel of the Caribbean that is the embodiment of an island escape. The streets are lined with cheerful, New England style cottages with baby pink, poppy red, and lapis blue shutters. Palm trees will sway in the warm, tropical breeze just as you’ll sway through the 3 mile town in your Barbara One-piece in Cloud. The soft blue of your suit will blend in with the palette of the town, and you’ll of course stand out like the impeccable, classic beauty you are.
Where are you dreaming of heading when life returns to normal, Hermoza? Comment below and tell us where you’ll journey! Wherever you’ll go, whether it’s the Caribbean or your own backyard, slip on one of our suits and rest assured you’ll look as feminine, flattered, and fabulous as you are.

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