Treat Others as You Wish to be Treated

Treat Others as You Wish to be Treated

Treat Others as You Wish to be Treated


Who says the gift-giving season is over? Um, not us! Finding the best treat for that Hermoza who means the world to you is a breeze when you let your senses be your guide. This isn’t some new age mystical process for purchasing the perfect package for your mom or bestie. Think of the perfume or scent that best suits the women in your life to consider what to get her for Valentine’s Day, her birthday, your friendiversary, or for that Just Because Tuesday you’ve come to share and love together.



If she wears sweet florals like pink roses, irises, orchids, or jasmine, she might like our Betty Shirt Dress Cover Up. Perfect for the romantic Hermoza who adores time to herself with a cup of tea and a good book, the Betty is light and refreshing. Opulent, lightweight rayon, beautiful, billowing sleeves and a high/low ruffled hem are ideal as alternatives to that bulky cotton robe. Available in black or white, the Betty is everything she needs to live her best life in luxury.



If she gravitates to bold spices and scents like sandalwood, lemongrass, mahogany, or patchouli, she might love our Woven Basket Beach Bag. Suitable for her lunch on-the-go, her fresh grabs from the farmer’s market, or for her suit and sandals for her day at the spa, this bag’ll help her appreciate a more fashionable, central location for all her essentials. Durable, lightweight, and sleek, the woven bag from our accessories collection is a perfect complement to any self-sufficient Hermoza’s wardrobe.



If coconut, warm sugar, and vanilla reminds you of her soft, thoughtful vibe, get her the Joy one-piece in our exclusive Ava’s Garden print. Playful, and unique, just like your best Hermoza, this suit offers up a classic fit, an adorable halter style that is fresh and flattering, and an open, adjustable back that puts the “fun” in functional. With a brilliant balance of warm and cool tones, your lovable friend will feel right at home in a one-piece that’ll serve her well as a swimsuit or as a bodysuit under cropped coat and a gorgeous pair of tailored, wide-legged pants.



If the candles in her home are crisp, inviting, clean smells like pine, fresh-washed linen, citrus, or eucalyptus, she would go nuts for our Sarah in white. Available from our Sculpt Collection, this one-piece serves up strong support with the highest level of shapewear that contours and defines a structured hourglass silhouette. Complete with a vintage, hipster cut on the bottom, a square neck, and wide set straps, the Sarah is ideal for the Hermoza whose style is direct, classic, and elegant. 


If she’s simple and goes with the flow of the scents in her shampoo and deodorant and she still smells divine, our Genevieve is simple and elegant, but not at all basic. Ideal for the Hermoza who loves a no-fuss, all fresh lifestyle that does her some serious favors, this stunning Oprah-approved one-piece will have her looking and feeling good. Gorgeous and sleek with a halter cut at the neck, a high, tasteful, open back, and a side sweeping knot tie at the waist, the Genevieve is a hand wash and go dream for the Hermoza who is all natural, comes as she is kind of cool. Now available in classic black, navy, and in our exclusive Morning Star print.


It’s a cinch to keep that festive holiday spirit moving through the new year when you surround yourself with positivity. Plan lunch dates with your sis to spill the tea over delicious, nutritive food that nurtures your body and your spirit. Finish those massive puzzles with Nana to blanket both of you with a stress-reducing calm that can’t be bought at your local vitamin store. Make a “New Me 2020” playlist that serves up serious jams that keep you dancing and living through to Spring. Find a good page turner to take your mind off any commitments or obligations that might be keeping you from unplugging altogether.


And if you find your energy a bit depleted after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, consider ditching self-care for more self-kindness. Set realistic expectations, vocalize your daily intentions, reflect several times throughout your workday to improve approaches and productivity, and create firm boundaries to protect you from internal and external pressures. After that, girl – let it all go and treat yourself to all the thoughtfulness you are so quick to give others.


Besos, Hermoza

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