Top Fashion Locations in Asia You Must Visit

Top Fashion Locations in Asia You Must Visit

The fashion industry, driven by designers' insane talent and exciting clothing trends, has always pushed boundaries. And although the industry is home to Western superpowers like Paris, New York, and Milan, the Eastern hemisphere
is also making its own mark. A continent of rich culture and heritage, Asia is home to the most fashionable cities in the world, with unique and carefully curated styles that will leave anyone in awe. Hoping to experience the best of the Asian fashion scene? Here are the top fashion locations you must visit!

Shanghai, China

Called the Paris of the East, Shanghai has long been synonymous with style, as it is consistently at the top of lists of the most fashionable cities in Asia. The city continues to showcase its unique blend of East-meets-West style and fashion-forward technology, making it a leader in all things couture. In fact, even the pandemic cannot stop this fashion superpower, as they held a business-as-usual fashion week dubbed “Bloom the Spring,” a Fall-Winter 2021 edition. The eight-day program in Shanghai had over 100 runway shows presenting both established brands like Comme Moi and Dawei, and up-and-coming designers like Angel
Chen. Once in the city, be sure to take a stroll down Huaihai Road to satisfy your couture needs. Just remember to stay hydrated with your fashionable Hermoza water bottle!

Hong Kong, SAR China

While it has always been a spectacular shopping destination, Hong Kong's ability to fuse authentic local culture with Western styles makes them a remarkable standout in the industry. In fact, it serves as a home to indie designers and
a flourishing art scene. Like Shanghai, Hong Kong also hosts its own Fashion Week, which showcases some of the freshest trends in clothing. So, whether you are after high-end luxury brands or captivating street market items, you can find your pick in areas like Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay. Pair your shopping outfits with a designer fashion jewelry bracelet and hoop earrings from Hermoza!

Tokyo, Japan

Did you know that some of the biggest names in the industry, Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, were heavily influenced by Japanese traditional fashion? Although Japan is mostly known for technological advancements and
deeply spiritual culture, the country also boasts an unusual fashion capital in its own right! Grab your most stylish shirt dresses from the Betty collection, and take a walk around Harajuku district. There, you will witness a parade of trendy clothes — complete with bright colors, outlandish make-up, and cartoonish characters.


These unconventional trends may be shocking to tourists, but for Japanese fashionistas, these are extensions of themselves and expressions of their norms and beliefs! That is just a fraction of the captivating culture highlighted by
Expat Bets’ guide to Japan, as seen in their beautiful, emotive language, stunning temples and artifacts, and of course, their fashion.


There is a reason why the blockbuster film Crazy Rich Asians was set in Singapore. The city-state is where the glitterati reside, cloaked in designer clothes and accessories. Its import of international fashion labels makes its commerce, tourism, and art sectors bloom, too. Singaporean home-grown designers like Danelle Woo, Claire Chahil, and Fannie Chua established their own refreshing and sophisticated brands, making the city even more visible in the global fashion map.

Moreover, there is a 1.37-mile stretch of shopping malls in Orchard Road that can satisfy any shopper’s wants and needs, may those be designer brands or bargain hunts. Try spending an entire day shopping here! You can even do that while wearing chic dresses like the Betty Eyelet Shirt Dress and Alina Tunic Cover-up!

Dubai, UAE

Aside from innovative architecture, Dubai is also home to a thriving fashion scene. It earned its reputation as the fashion capital of the Middle East, where internationally acclaimed celebrity designers Nathalie Trad and Michael
Cinco are based. Their world-class malls, enormous skyscrapers, and exclusive hotels also offer a luxurious shopping experience. Some of the city’s high-end establishments also enforce a smart dress code, so fashion enthusiasts will surely be right at home! In addition, with their artificial islands, Dubai has a lot of accessible yet breathtaking beaches, so do not forget to pack your best one-piece swimsuits — like the Racquel and Vanessa swimsuits!

Because of the rich cultural heritage and abundance of inspiration available, Asia has become a formidable fashion force that everyone needs to witness. What's your favorite Asian fashion destination?



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