The Vision of Our Hermoza

The Vision of Our Hermoza

The Vision of Our Hermoza

As this post goes to publication, we are only a few days away from the launch of our line. As we get closer, we can’t help but recognize our own nervous excitement!

In searching for full coverage swim and resort wear, we have set the bar high for ourselves. Our mission involves meeting the needs and expectations of an underserved demographic in the market. To present well-crafted swimsuits that enhance a woman’s inherent beauty, we must be fully conscious of all women everywhere. We must envision every stage of life, every occasion, every event to consider if our Hermoza would be pleased with what we have to offer.

Full coverage one-piece swimsuits and full coverage tankinis can be hard to find. A one-piece that offers great support but that is still refined and beautiful can seem impossible at times. A two-piece tankini swimsuit can also be hard to find without the plunging neckline and over exposed back. We promise you that we will work on a daily basis in providing you an excellent product. 


We are hopeful our Hermoza will not only be pleased but ecstatic as well. The suits in each of our collections have been designed as solutions to long-standing situations in the swimwear industry -- situations that keep women off the beach, away from the resort, or isolated from the relaxation she so desperately needs. Accessible elegance should always be available to women, regardless of age or experience.


Let us show you the women who have been our muses. These visions have guided us through every step of the process as we construct our versatile pieces. Ultimately, each of our Hermozas see the joy in taking time for herself and time to appreciate her own distinctive beauty and grace.


The Mom: We see her at the beach in the summer. She is wearing a wide-brimmed hat, large sunglasses, and a divine one-piece swimsuit that allows her to build sand castles or play a round of beach volleyball in complete comfort. For her, we created the gorgeous Sarah. It is a classic and stylish one-piece with a fit that refines and elevates. Our Hermoza could easily pair this suit with a chic solid cover up to go from the beach to dinner without feeling underdressed. The Sarah comes in white with a flattering black trim and is part of our Sculpt Collection.


The Young Professional: This Hermoza works hard and has earned her time at the resort. Her destination getaway has been a long time coming and she treats herself to moments for breathing and space to live in opulence. Her taste level is second to none and while she gravitates to the finer things in life, she is content with keeping things simple. We see her in our fun and flirty separates, the Halle top (from our Movement Collection) and either the Caroline, Tiffany, or Halle, high-waisted bottoms. Our young professional enjoys being selective and has the confidence to experiment with the colors and prints in her swim and resort wear wardrobe. She selects several options in a variety of styles, colors, and prints so she can feel fresh and fashion-forward in all her social media stories.


The Courageous Traveler: This woman is active and socially responsible. Her luggage is always packed with well-informed choices offered by eco-friendly companies that are just as thoughtful as our Hermoza. She consciously seeks to reduce her carbon footprint while she explores the world around her. Her life is full and vibrant, and her perspective is considerate and sophisticated. We see her in a versatile piece, perhaps the Eleanor one-piece swimsuit, a suit that is part of our Shape Collection and is also constructed from recycled and reimagined post-consumer materials. Her commitment to this suit enables her to create change while investing in a life well-lived and well-deserved.

So, who are you, Hermoza? We know you stand above and beyond these three visions. Reply in the comments selection below. We would love to get to know you better.

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