The One-Piece Silhouette

The One-Piece Silhouette


The one-piece swimsuit has become a topic we are fascinated with. Not only is it our muse for most of our designs, but it is also the focus of our business. At Hermoza, our endless options of beautifully crafted one-piece swimsuits is celebrated and explored daily. At Hermoza, we give tribute and light to the long forgotten silhouette that has sparked the evolution in swimwear.


The one-piece swimsuit is the silhouette that is alluring while still providing mystery. Not only is she beautiful, but she can also be doubled as a body suit which is one of our favorite ways to pair it for a night out on the town with our favorite pair of jeans. Before we get side tracked, let’s dig a bit deeper on how the one-piece swimsuit evolved.


In the past women would swim in bloomers, stockings, and heavy skirts, keeping their legs covered. The fabrics were thick, bulky and hard to move in, not to mention a safety hazard! The functionality of the swimming in a fully fabricated gown was nearly impossible. Most women were only able to wade in the water, and not swim due to their options in swimwear (how we wish we could have helped back then, ha!)


When society realized that to swim better, they would have to use less fabric, the one-piece was born! This single product began passing down from generation to generation. However, this situation did not occur until the hem gradually became higher and higher from previous years.


Around the late 1920s is when we saw the first collective debut of the one-piece, also called a maillot, named after the French fashion designer. It was a one-piece bathing suit with high-cut legs, that looked like shorts on a romper. It was also customary to wear matching swim caps to protect your hair and add a decorative flair and style.


The original fashion icons all wore the most impeccable and fabulous one-piece swimsuits. These one-piece swimsuits, had practicality, functionality, coverage and the highest quality with endless feminine style. That is one of the reasons at Hermoza, we turn to these fashion icons for inspiration. We realized that while their joie de vivre can’t be explained, imitated or recreated, it can be inspired, ignited and harnessed in each one of us. After all, we’re born with that iconic spirit, this way of living that makes every detail, every minute, every connection a little more magical. It’s just that sometimes we forget who we are in this busy world.

You can bring back these vintage looks with ease. You can even take our quiz to see which vintage fashion icon you are!

Looking for style like Sophia Loren? The Regina One-piece in Romantic bloom is both classic and trendy, both subtle and ravishing. This piece’s corset top bodice atop a silky, perfect-stretch bottom is majorly chic while remaining truly comfortable.



The Liz One-piece in Ivory/Black is the picture of old Hollywood, iconic glamour. It’s sweetheart, twist knot neckline, color blocked bottom and adjustable back bow make this suit as sumptuous as those of Elizabeth Taylor. Pop on a red lip and be instantly acquainted with your inner icon.


Add a dose of glamour to your swimsuit collection with our Marilyn One-piece. Its side and front waist contouring, adjustable halter straps and draped ruching serve to flatter. Channel your inner movie star with this Hollywood-inspired suit made for a leading lady.


More and more style icons have been ditching the teeny bikinis in favor of a fairly modest silhouette. One-piece swimsuits are essentially a staple item and are flattering on practically every body type. Not to mention, they look fabulous in poolside selfies. Let’s be real, you can’t beat a two-for-one deal with these versatile styles that double as cute tops with skirts, shorts, or pants!


Embrace these fashion-forward and figure-flattering swimwear options that are always in style. Wearing a one-piece no longer means you are body-conscious or afraid of the sun, it means you are fashion forward and fabulous! After all, two (pieces) aren’t always better than one!




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