The Movement Collection

The Movement Collection

A womans’ life is demanding to say the least. She wears many hats, has many commitments to honor all the while maintaining the heartbeat and pulse of all those around her. The issue of responsibility and functionality becoming priorities over class and sophistication have given way to leisure wear (read yoga pants) becoming the one-size-fits-all trend for most. Women are expected to set a threshold for sufferance while enduring a day devoted to managing a business, (launching a business), executing demanding decisions, running errands and chauffeuring kids to extra-curriculars. The fear of being caught in public in a messy bun and stretch pants while running basic errands has consumed our consciousness just as much as our desire to “get it all done.” And therein lies the issue. What is a woman to do and how does she support herself in “making it all happen?”



Sacrificing comfort for style or compromising fashion for practicality have long been situations with which we, as woman have struggled. The swimwear industry has done little to support us in our needs and expectations to dress on trend while being practical about the demands of our lives.



The Movement Collection is ideal for the active woman who desires to be liberated from restriction and discomfort. Distinctive from other fabrics, these suits are impressively soft and have been constructed to move and breathe, becoming almost a second skin. A Movement suit is one in which you could live, play, or rest without feeling the burden of appearing too sloppy or too stiff. Classic, clean lines suggest a timeless elegance that is polished and refined, yet accessible and functional. Perfect for the woman who honors her natural form. The Movement collection fills a much-needed gap in the swimwear industry. Hermoza meets the demands of the life of a contemporary female. Resilient, effortless, bold, and sophisticated, our Movement collection is suitable for and comparable to the women who wear them. 



Always motivated by class and sophistication, Hermoza never suffers quality compromise or sacrifice. Meticulously designed swimsuits and accessories have been crafted to enhance a woman’s confidence, not to render her doubtful or uncertain. Our woman is not afraid to be feminine or elegant. Instead she embraces all that she is.



So, what are you waiting for, Hermoza? Aren’t you ready to move? Live liberated. 



Marisa and Tiffany           

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