Swimwear Accessories

Love is in the details, Hermoza, and what details are more fun than accessories?
While we’re currently accessorizing with chunky sweaters and weatherproof boots, we can’t help but look ahead to summertime when we’ll find ourselves poolside and wanting to add a little extra something to our look. Thus, we’ve found ourselves in a rabbithole of researching the latest, greatest swimwear accessories, and we’re here to discuss a few of our faves from head to toe.
Hair Accessories:
Clips, headbands, and scrunchies? We’ll take them all! One of our favorite trends to make its way back into the mix is accessorizing our hair. It’s such a fun and simple way to spice up your style and show your personality. Should you have on a cute one-piece swimsuit and feel like you need a little something extra, the easiest way to add fun colors and textures to your look is by incorporating a clip, headband, or scrunchie. This type of swimming fashion accessory is useful too - wrap up that wet hair with a fun clip and you’re good to go. Here are a few looks we’ve found and can’t wait to try:
Bold Glasses:
One of the more classic swimwear accessories is a great pair of bold glasses. Think cat eye, or retro square frames - anything big and bold to frame your beautiful face. If you’re used to a safe silhouette, we suggest punching it up next summer with something a bit funkier! Why not give it a whirl? Our Hermoza Sunglasses in Brown are our sassy yet subtle call back to the retro cat eye look of the 1950’s - a perfect compliment to your retro swimwear by Hermoza. This pair’s brown frames and lavender shades will keep your vision clear and give you the coolest vibe. Bold glasses are also one of the more useful swim fashion accessories, protecting your eyes and the delicate skin around them from the sun. Scroll below for a few pairs we’re coveting come summertime, and maybe even sooner! :
Shady Hats: We love a good hat at Hermoza. They’re one of the easiest ways to shade from the sun and add a little sophistication to your seaside look. Also, hats can be one of the boldest swimsuit accessories, because they truly add a ton of personality to your look, be it sporty, sophisticated, or laid back. Think cool bucket hat, chic straw hat, or a classic baseball cap to shade your face from the sun and do a fair amount of heavy lifting in the vibe department. Check out some of the beauties below for inspo:
Statement Jewelry:
If you’re feeling fancy when brainstorming what swimwear accessories to pick, statement jewelry takes the cake. Whether you’re opting for a bohemian puka shell look, layering pendant necklaces, a vibrant pair of statement earrings, or throwing on a few bangles, swimwear jewelry is a really sweet way to show off your taste and dress up a swimsuit. Here are some of our favorites:
Belted Bags:
Ever since fanny packs and belted bags have reentered the scene, we can’t get enough of them. Belted bags are such a cute, understated way to carry your essentials around - especially on a beach day when you want to be hands-free and carefree. They can also be super flattering, highlighting your waist with their cool, slouchy effect. Here are a few of our favorites:
Sporty Footwear:
Tevas, Birkenstocks, and all other sporty sandals have come back in a huge way and we are here for it. This trend is one of the most convenient of the aforementioned - these athletic aesthetic, strappy sandals are so easy to slide onto your feet and even easier to hose down after a sandy day. Pick a neutral color and pair that will pair perfectly with your stylish beachwear to be right on trend. Check out some of the beauties below for inspo:
Color Blocking:
This trend seems to have come in 2016 and stayed strong ever since. Color blocking is an incredibly fun way to add dimension to your look. Try mixing and matching tops & bottoms with your two piece swimwear, or picking a one piece swimsuit that boasts two or more bright colors. Complementary colors or bright colors in the same family are our favorite combinations for a look that just oozes joy and vibrance. Fold some brightness into your wardrobe with this colorful trend we hope sticks around.
You’re versatile, Hermoza! When it comes to swimwear and accessories, you can dress up or down, go simple or bold - whatever floats your boat. Maybe you’re into hats, hair accessories, swimsuit jewelry, or even simply stashing your goods in a straw bag that conjures images of an island retreat. Whatever you go with, bathing suit accessories are just the cherry on top. All you need is a warm smile, some sunblock, your gorgeous self, and maybe some high end swimwear to turn heads come summertime.

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