Swimsuits for Pale Skin

Swimsuits for Pale Skin

Finding the best swimsuit color for pale skin is the same process as it is for every Hermoza: go with what you love. No one likes to feel limited and maintaining your icon status is a breeze when you have choices. While some hues look fab on certain skin tones, we are not about to tell you which colors you should be wearing. 2020 has thrown enough at you without us deciding what’s best for you. You’re a grown woman, Hermoza. Choose what makes you comfortable and confident and forget the rest. Our collections were designed and constructed to ensure you feel capable to make up your own mind because you know you best.

We’re in the business of making luxury swimwear and resort wear for women that’s well-suited to flatter and fit you. We aren’t interested in temporary trends or fleeting fads. Our aesthetic is timeless, designed to transform and elevate your expectations so you stop settling for what others decide for you. Finding the best bathing suit color for pale skin (or for any shade) is more about honoring your spirit and fashion sense and less about setting the right impression in front of people you’ll likely never see again.

Your best accessory is your radiant smile, so let’s curate a trans-seasonal wardrobe around that, shall we?


Coverage Over Color

Our built-in shapewear is legendary. It has the power to smooth your frame so your sleek silhouette stands out without sticking out. The results are more than just whether or not it sucks you in, our swimwear is constructed with phenomenal imported Italian novelty fabrics that are chic and stylish, just like you. The best swimsuits for pale skin are those meticulously constructed for coverage, not color. Staying protected from harmful UV rays is essential for every Hermoza. When your stunning heirloom-quality swimwear goes to work for you, there is little left to worry about.

The best bathing suits for pale skin are those with fully-lined, full-coverage. And we know -- the first thing you are thinking is that you’ll look dowdy in a one-piece swimsuit. Hermoza’s here to set the record straight and to help you rethink your standards and expectations. Our UV swimwear is designed and crafted to ensure your skin stays healthy while soaking in the sun. With UPF 50+ protection, swimsuits like our Elizabeth offer you security and style without forcing you to make sacrifices.

Available in a gorgeous boat neck-low scoop back combination, the Elizabeth ensures you have the peace of mind of a powerful high-neck swimsuit that’ll keep you forward-facing as you finish the season strong. Our breakthrough jacquard pique fabric is rich and lush enough to renew your faith in swimwear fabrics that (also like you) are unbeatable and can take on anything. The Elizabeth’s color-blocked sea blue and black motif serves up all kinds of polished-by-the-pool or charismatic-in-the-cabana vibes without seeming stuffy or standoffish. It gives you timelessly elegant black (which is a hard yes for all skin shades) as well as an ultra hip pastel that works through every decade. Our Elizabeth is our top vote for bathing suits that look good on pale skin (and all skins, TBH). And for our fearless Hermozas, our Elizabeth is one of our favorite vintage swimsuits in Bardot Stripe.


Post-Season Refresh/Reset

Finding bathing suit colors for pale skin without being confined to the same shades season after season can be a challenge. Our top rec is to go with a distinctive print that is as much a conversation starter as it is a statement piece for your closet. The bold and playful Las Islas pattern is a fresh take on a global print that is often duplicated, but never before like this.

Take a peek at our Marisa, a swimming bodysuit that is just as wild in the water as it is wonderful under a pair of denims. One of Hermoza’s must have swimsuits for pale skin, the Marisa is also fabulously fun in our exclusive Geo Guatape print, perfect pear, beautiful berry, and black (if you’re bouncing back post-baby).

We could all use a pick me up this Fall and that gets easier when you get your glow up on with our signature gingham print. Just in time for pumpkin spice everything and sweater weather, this black and white checked pattern is subtly sweet and goes with everything (and we mean EVERYTHING). Bathing suits that look good on pale skin are a done deal with graphic patterns and checked prints because they are a cinch to stylize. We love an orange or brown cable-knit cardigan and a basket bag to channel an essential autumn mood. 

And we can’t even when Hermozas wear our fave print as a strapless swimsuit turned bodysuit. The Leonor is everything you need and more to get a quality Fall reset into your closet. The best part -- gingham lets you completely bypass the whole ‘swimsuit color for pale skin’ search that has many of our Hermozas left throwing their hands in the air in frustration. Playful and fun with a splash of sophisticated Southern charm, gingham is well-suited for all skin shades with pearls or cutoffs, a tailored coat or a kimono.


Amplify Your Options

Bathing suits for pale skin take up the tiniest niche in the swimsuit market. You’ve narrowed down your options to basic shades with limited focus on actually loving the skin you are in. Keeping it classic is always the way to go with an LBS that never goes out of style. There’s nothing basic about any of our swimwear in classic black and as the best swimsuit color for pale skin (and every skin), this iconic hue can be all the things for every part of your busy life.

Luxury performance fabrics make our jobs infinitely easier while we aim to design the most innovative swim and resort wear. Fabrics with a phenomenal four-way stretch provide comfortable coverage and unique features in our distinctive styles that’ll catch your eye for far more than just the color. 

Embodying elegance comes second nature with our new mesh illusion fabric. Our Patty, our Gloria, our Nancy, and our Cris all come consciously designed with statement illusion features. 

For our Hermozas who want to keep things bold and vivid, but also love living light and free, mesh illusion comes in breathable navy and black that helps you feel supported and seen.


Impressive + Unpredictable

Committing to wearing the same shades all the time because of your skin tone just feels like a limited way to live. Why not take risks that give you life with your wardrobe that is ready for more (also like you)? Give yourself some time to let go of finding the best bathing suit color for pale skin. It’s hard to unlearn ways of thinking that restrict your willingness to try new things.


There’s something exhilarating about stepping out in a style that suits you. That excitement is only somewhat dependent on color and is more about how flattering your clothes are and how they make you feel. You might have become entirely certain that a certain shade is “not your color”, but when is the last time you actually tried it? I’ve leaned away from certain textures and styles for years only to find I am becoming more open to trying new combinations and hues so long as the fit is on point.

Finding swimsuits for pale skin is more a matter of being preoccupied with how you look without contributing to how you feel about your figure. Elevating your expectations beyond a shade enables you to see yourself as more than just one thing. Your inherent beauty is highlighted best when you love what you’re wearing. With the pieces from our latest collection, Hermoza knows exactly how you feel and has worked tirelessly to give you everything we’ve ever dreamed of.

We love a high-neck halter and with the Amber one-piece swimsuit, we are certain it will be everything you’ve ever wanted and more. Soft and subtle in an electric blue and sea blue color-blocked style, its black bottoms will give you all the contrast you need for an appealing aesthetic that you can admire. Why settle for the best swimsuit color for pale skin (or for any one physical feature) when you can choose swimwear that’s designed to stop shows and melt hearts. With shapewear in swimwear that offers a sensational sculpting effect to smooth your silhouette, your standards can be based on more than just a color. 

Be courageous, Hermoza and see yourself as more and enough. You are more amazing than you realize and enough without having to be confirmed by a color to suit your skin tone. Keep yourself protected, comfortable, and confident. Beyond that, nothing else matters. 

Besos, Hermoza

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