Sunday Fundays -- A Day in the Life of a Hermoza

Sunday Fundays -- A Day in the Life of a Hermoza

Sunday Fundays -- A Day in the Life of a Hermoza



I love a lazy Sunday morning. The luxury of sleeping in for a morning person like me is usually not about waking up late, but about getting up and around at a slower pace. I never schedule anything on Sundays. It's my time for worship, study, reflection, and rest. It's my day to invest in some real self-care and I take it seriously. I have a routine and it typically involves what many people might consider "a whole lotta nothin'." Looking closer, however, my routine involves nurturing my mind, body, and spirit so I can hit the ground running come Monday morning.



My regimen has helped me battle anything from illness to cabin fever to writer's block. For me, it has become more than me just doing the same thing every Sunday and more about setting aside a sacrosanct moment to help me be accountable and dependable for me. It has helped me establish confidence and comfort in my life that has renewed my appreciation for "the little things." I hadn't realized how important taking time away was until I noticed commitments and obligations piling up, leaving me without a logical way of approaching any of it. On the one hand, I was grateful to have a life of meaning and purpose. On the other hand, I felt stretched thin and moody.





I start with waking up organically. I specifically do not set alarms for the weekend to ensure I get as much sleep as I am able. On Sundays, for as long as I can manage, I will stay in bed just to enjoy the things I typically miss on the weekdays -- the birds singing, the leaves in the trees rustling in the morning breeze, and the noises of other people starting their day, walking dogs and doing yard work. I listen. My eyes and mind have a soft focus on nothing at all and in this time, I enjoy that my thoughts aren't racing, and I am not overwhelmed.



Next, I make a cup of coffee to take out on the porch. I love breathing the cool air. It happens at no other time of day and is distinct from the cool air at night. Honestly, morning air to me smells like optimism. It's the smell of a new day -- a fresh start -- of possibilities and opportunities. On Sundays, my mind goes at such a mellow speed because I have placed NO pressure on myself to "get things right" or to "get things done." My focus on Sunday mornings is on ME (again, for as long as I can manage).




I start reading. I am a voracious reader and will try anything I can get my hands on. Typically, I have three books going at once: a book for study and reflection, something non-fiction, and something fiction. I start something new in each category the minute I finish, just to ensure I am always moving forward. Sitting idle is when my brain starts creating negative habits that make me feel awful and unproductive, so I like to stay busy. Reading on the porch is my time to sit in contemplation, not to solve problems or to plan or strategize, but to simply be present in my book. I think about applying what I have read to my daily life. If something I am reading does not enable me to grow as a kinder, stronger, more conscious human being, I stop reading it. I go inside the minute I finish my coffee. Then I will start getting ready for the rest of my day.



I get my outfit ready based on comfort and confidence. I need to feel fashionable (not trendy) and feminine without being overdressed, so it takes time and consideration. I can't stand the feeling of not being relaxed in the clothes I choose, but I also have issues with looking dowdy. I dress with intention to ensure my appearance expresses the joy I take in my own well-being. I enjoy being a woman for this reason. There is a reason why a smile is a woman's greatest asset. A well-selected outfit that makes you happy is an extension of that principle. I take pride in my "Sunday Best" because my style and taste is carefully curated. I enjoy being able to walk into any room without being concerned if I am wearing "the right thing."




Skin care is everything before I dress. Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen and done. Hard to smile big if your skin's tired, so best to take great care of it. Find a skin care line that meets your needs. Speak with an expert or specialist to ensure you find a regimen that is right for you. Not only will you see an amazing difference in your skin's appearance, you'll appreciate your natural beauty and stop relying on makeup to do all the work for you.



Breakfast is simple, but special for Sundays. Bagels or crepes and more coffee at one of my favorite restaurants helps me maintain my leisurely pace. I do not eat out for breakfast or brunch on any other day to maintain the novelty around my Sunday Funday routine. Letting someone else prepare food for me is divine, so I indulge on this day, in this way. I always like trying something new -- something savory one week and something sweet the next. Conversations around the breakfast table are light and joyful. There is so much presence there again, because there is no pressure to do things a certain way. I am a creature of habit, sure, but there is so much freedom of choice on Sundays that anxiety doesn't even have a chance to kick in.



 I finish the day by walking around my favorite shopping center. There are very few chain stores in this space and shopping local has become a huge part of my adult life in this city. I have gotten to know the owners of each shop and have learned the stories behind their businesses. Having a close connection as a patron is such a grounding experience because it enables you to fully appreciate your purchases. Knowing where products come from, how they are made, the dependability and quality of the craftsmanship, it all adds up to being a discerning consumer. Shopping consciously and locally supports me in being more mindful on my Sundays and every day.



When I head home, I feel refreshed. I am more relaxed and present. I have laughed and smiled and have made connections with intention. Taking this time for me has become such a great part of my week, I hesitate to do things differently and actually miss it when I am on vacation. The great part about traveling is my attempt to take a similar approach and pattern to my day, but in a different city. Just by being willing to explore, I have found some of the coolest shops and have met some of the kindest people. Sundays are my favorite and are easily the best part of my week.



 As a swim and resort wear brand, Hermoza has a Sunday type of vibe. She is effortless, yet intentional. She is calm, yet passionate. She is joyful and focused, creative and clear. Our collections have been specifically designed to minimize the risk, effort, and anxiety of making choices without forcing you to feel as if you have to settle. Our styles and designs are refreshing and distinctive takes on classic silhouettes that help you feel comfortable and confident in the skin you are in.




The luxury of being able to count on a brand to exceed your expectations is possible with Hermoza. With our exclusive, heirloom-quality fabrics, the investment you make in our swim and resort wear is an investment you make in feeling refreshed and rejuvenated; a conscious choice in living and dressing differently. Our swimwear is flattering, functional, and feminine while providing dignified, full coverage that is fashionable.



With the meticulously-crafted structure of our swimwear, you will come to notice and appreciate the best things about your shape. Gone are the days where you had few alternatives. Hermoza's selection of one piece swimsuit and two piece swimsuits offer options for women looking for something else -- something that will highlight their inherent beauty while being practical and accessible. Happiness is all about the availability of choices. When you are free and able to live without restriction, everything, including your priorities change. You can breathe deeper and clearly and with purpose.



So, what do you think, hermoza? Have you carved out a space of your own in your life to be fully present? Hermoza can help. Shopping with us ensures you receive that personal touch of a direct-to-consumer brand that offers you consideration when celebrating your femininity and when developing and elevating your personal style. Connect with us on social media for motivation, style suggestions, inspiring muses, and behind-the-scenes, on-location access to all things Hermoza. Here's to making everyday fun and meaningful!



 Besos, Hermoza 


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