The Most Stylish Summer 2021 Swimwear

The Most Stylish Summer 2021 Swimwear

What could possibly be better than these longer, brighter days we’re greeting? If you’re anything like us, the summer being signalled by later sunsets, louder birds, and lighter outfits is bringing you immense joy.  

And better still, these sweet signals of summer mean summer 2021 swimwear season is upon us. Whether we get to pack our suits up for a trip away, or simply must show them off in the backyard, we are willing, eager and ready to wear some gorgeous swim pieces after a long year indoors.  

As we count down the moments until we’re soaking up the sun and showing off Hermoza’s best summer suits, we wanted to highlight a few new favorites of ours that align with what currently seem to be summer 2021 swim trends. 

By beginning with the bedrock elements of all our pieces - luxe fabric cut into chic, retro, timeless, thoughtful one-pieces and tankinis - and then taking plenty of notes from the burgeoning beats of summer swimsuits 2021 - interesting cuts, asymmetry, prints, poppy color - we set forth (and are so thrilled) to have deliver a fresh batch of cute summer bathing suits by Hermoza for Summer 2021. From classic-first styles to flattering ruffles, cinched waists and beyond, these are our top five, trend aligned, new Hermoza suits making their debut this season. Shop our summer 2021 swimwear now to sport at home by the pool, or on that get-away it is truuuly time you take! 


The Angela One-Piece 

The Angela One-piece is our ode to subtle allure in this batch of 2021 summer bathing suit styles. With a swath of creamy fabric, perfect coverage, a simple keyhole back and polished gold details, your natural beauty can shine through without any unnecessary details or fuss. A sophisticated cinched waist is the final touch of elegance that is our nod to trending embellishments on the most coveted looks this season. This is one of our favorite bathing suits for summer 2021 - one style we look forward to wearing on or off the beach. It's simply a total package summer swimming outfit that is sure to turn heads and make a fashion statement.




 Mac Two-Piece Tankini 

The tiered, flowy Mac Two-Piece Tankini in creamy ivory or black, is our take on detailed simplicity in swimwear. We’re seeing summer beach wear for ladies that is super classic, but has a spin of modernity or personality that makes them feel fresh and new. To doll up the Mac’s standard, strapless cut, we added a touch of flouncy femininity with its billowy ruffles. The Mac is universally suitable and the exact type of amount of modest swimwear, doubling as the ideal blouse for any beachy outing. 



Hannah One-piece in Mosaic Tile 

A major trend we’re loving is one that seems to return every season: hoops and rings embedded within the design of swimsuits. The reason for it’s longevity is twofold - such a detail flatters the figure as well as updates any classic silhouette with an eye drawing, simple touch of symmetry. Our Hannah one-piece zones in on just that. With a print inspired by rich mosaics and terracotta tiles, the printed Hannah One-piece is our ode to Latin America and the Caribbean Coast. This piece’s vibrance is underscored by its sophistication, with a tortoise ring buckle placed just so to highlight the waist and add a poppy touch of design interest. It also features a bandeau silhouette to add an extra level of style to the swimsuit. Wear Hannah like a bodysuit under our travel resort wear separates for a bold, exotic look wherever the sunshine may call you. 



Vanessa One-piece 

Something we’ve been seeing and truly love is a bevvy of off the shoulder, asymmetrical suits. We lean into that look with our flirty, simple, off the shoulder Vanessa One-piece. A bold yet muted Roja (Spanish for red) is paired with a pop of French Navy just beneath the ruffle layer, offering a bit of polished color play in hues that are classic and suitable for every occasion. We love this one paired with any of our separates, or just a pair of light wash jeans for a truly gorgeous and glamorous street to shore look. It's a versatile swimsuit that's easy to dress up or down!



Regina One-piece in Romantic Bloom 

What is more of the moment than a corset? We set out to make the Regina One-piece in Romantic Bloom a study in playful contrasts. It's a great example of both classic and stylish swimwear by it’s interplay of heirloom coverage and cuts with current, trend focused elements. This piece’s corset/bodice sits atop a silky, perfect-stretch bottom, allowing its structured yet silky frame to be truly comfortable and provide the support you need, in or out of the water. Better still, the botanical, dreamy floral print inspired by Tiffany’s garden is as pretty as it gets.  



However and wherever you sport your summer 2021 swimwear, we hope it is done with the utmost joy and relief for the sweetness of this long awaited summer. Whether you’re sporting asymmetry, hoops or rings, or some combination of them all, we’d love to hear in the comments what bold summer swimsuit reviews you have. Just be sure you’re using SPF and enjoying every second of being Well Suited this summer. 




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