Style Recommendations Inspired by Vintage Vogue Images

Style Recommendations Inspired by Vintage Vogue Images

One of the many things that makes Hermoza designs so special is the influence of vintage silhouettes. Our classic inspired pieces are created to be timeless staples in your wardrobe that will always be in style.


When it comes to longstanding fashion influence, Vogue truly takes the cake. Not only has it shaped the growth and development of the editorial fashion industry but has been influencing fashion trends since its start in 1892. We thought it would be fun to reflect back on some of the iconic swimwear images that showcase the classic silhouettes that have inspired us.


Do you have a favorite decade that inspires your personal style? Check out our style recommendations based on the popular trends during the 1930s,1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.



Feminine, Sleek, Elegant


Fashion in the 1930s was heavily influenced by the glamour of Hollywood as well as the elegance of the female form. Popular swim elements included lower necklines, figure-flattering silhouettes, and belts to accentuate the waist. Here are some styles to try if you are inspired by this influential decade.

Johanna, Marisa, Angela, and Mac




Flirty, Vibrant, Chic



1940s fashion greatly reflected the confidence and strength of women. Popular swim elements included halter-top's, bandeau style tops with straps, and high- waist bottoms. Colors were becoming more vibrant and we begin to see the use of more playful patterns. Here are some styles to try if you are inspired by this inventive decade.


Marilyn, Mac, Genevieve, and Liz






Glamorous, Playful, Bold



Fashion in the 1950s embraced the allure of bold femininity. Swim silhouettes were similar to those of the 40s, but more emphasis was placed on the 'hourglass' shape. There was a large rise in the use of saturated colors and intricate patterns. Here are some styles to try if you are inspired by this lively decade.

Racquel, Becca, Hannah, and Amelia





Charming, Bright, Lively



1960s fashion brought an explosion of youthful and innovative trends. Styles ranged vastly from refined elegance to mod-chic. Popular swim elements included bold silhouettes, open shoulders, and playful floral patterns. Small details such as additional straps or textured elements were used to add more visual interest. Here are some styles to try if you are inspired by this monumental decade.

 Julianna, Johanna, Hannah, and Ellen


We hope you enjoyed this little exploration through the trends of swimwear past and maybe even discovered a new style that inspires you. Remember - you are timeless, you are classic, you are Hermoza!


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