Spring Streaming Watchlist

Spring Streaming Watchlist

The weather has been super unpredictable lately and the last thing any of us need is a day’s plans gone out the window because of a little rain. Taking a moment to get some solo time, to snuggle up close to your SO, or to extend the fun after family dinner to watch something that’ll keep you loving, learning, and living in style. Read on for our list of documentaries and films you shouldn’t miss from your fave streaming services.



Betty White: First Lady of Television

One of the first funny women I can recall captivating my attention, Betty White captured hearts decades ago. This documentary follows White’s career as a sitcom icon showing us the depths of kindness a woman can commit to with just a little help from her friends. Talking about a heart that’s true, White’s character Rose was the soft-spoken girl with her head in the clouds that made all of us feel just a little bit more with it. Always the comedic relief amongst a cast of hard hitters, Betty White’s performance is everything the nation needed it to be for seven straight seasons.

    Brené Brown: The Call to Courage

      The pre-show package alone is a must-watch. An entire audience of people riveted on Brown’s inspiring perspectives on failure, risk, and authenticity are the reason there’s a packed house. Speaking on a stage to audiences who are seeking answers to life’s challenges involving vulnerability, shame, courage, uncertainty, and a gambit of emotions, Brown’s messages are motivating, clear, and oftentimes pack more of a punch than we are ready to hear.


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        The Farewell

          A complicated story of a family attempting to do the right thing while staying silent about another very big thing. Awkwafina plays a young woman who travels to China with her family to say goodbye to her dying grandmother. The constant juxtaposition of the Western experience and the beauty and strength of tradition make this a riveting film to dive right into. Watching characters struggle with unspeakable decisions has us all thinking about how we would maneuver through a similar situation if our family asked it of us. A perfect film to watch in gratitude with loved ones.

            Welcome to Kutsher’s: The Last Catskills Resort

              For fans of Dirty Dancing and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, this documentary captures the golden era of a country club that flourished with its iconic 1950s style vintage vibe and commitment to chic traditions. Instrumental in creating summertime vacation visions for the dreamy teenager in all of us, you’ll love seeing how the property/institution has managed to stay afloat for all these years. Tons of fun for the Hermoza who is ready to skip Spring altogether and jump right into Summer.

                Life Itself

                  A gorgeous film that follows a couple expecting their first child whose story becomes intertwined with a family in Spain. An absolute emotional roller coaster, this film explores the ups and downs of the human experience in such a gut-wrenchingly beautiful way, you are sure to tell all your friends all about it (if they haven’t seen it already). From the creator of This Is Us, this movie shows up ready to deliver a star-studded, thought-provoking, gorgeous depiction of life as we might know it. Get ready for an experience you are sure to remember for a long time to come.



                    Waking Sleeping Beauty

                      I am a complete sucker for a BTS feature. This film is perfect for Hermozas who loved Saving Mr. Banks and also like to know how all the magic was created during one of the most iconic periods of animation history. A group of artists and creators are faced with insurmountable obstacles that take more than fairy dust to overcome. You’ll love watching how your favorite films from the 90s were created and what it took to make them into the pop culture phenomena that Disney is known to be.

                        Expedition Amelia

                          A woman who needed no introduction, Amelia Earhart set sail in the late 1930s on a mission to circumnavigate the globe. Somehow, Earhart’s plane went down over the Pacific Ocean, never to be found. This National Geographic exploration covers a modern-day voyage to investigate who Earhart was, how she came to be one of the most inspiring pilots of all time, and what might have happened to end her career far earlier than the world could have ever expected.

                            Diana: In Her Own Words

                              There is something so familiar and calming about Diana’s voice as she tells you her most intimate feelings about her life near the throne and in the global spotlight. Taking an insiders’ look at the life that has proven to be difficult even for a modern-day duchess is no less comforting given the tragic circumstances of the life we have memorialized for over twenty years. Always one of our muses, Diana’s grace, presence, and humility will never be forgotten, especially not now with such a beautiful documentary to capture a life that also ended much too soon.

                              Worried about sitting too much after a long day at work? No worries, Hermoza! You can watch a few things on the telly without creating a permanently sedentary lifestyle. If you snack during the show, opt for fruits and veggies instead of sweets. Find ways to get moving to break up the stillness. During your week, work in a few classes at the gym, take a swim at an indoor/heated pool, sign up for a cycling class, or just call up your besties for a walk around your neighborhood. Anything works if you aim for a balance that enables you to enjoy a bit of peace without leaving you feeling like a couch potato.

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                              Besos, Hermoza

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