Spring Skincare Essentials

Spring Skincare Essentials

Winter skin have you feeling like a shut-in? Read on for our tips to get your skincare and self-care games on point.

With Daylight Savings Time forcing all of us to spring forward, ready or not, you might be wondering how to get your footing. And if you’re like us, you might still be spinning after what seemed like the worst cold and flu season of all time or somewhat freaked out by virus reports on the news. Super difficult to make you a priority when you are like four stages beyond a red flag warning at your house.

Spring may be on its way in, but seriously, someone has to tell that to my skin ‘cuz she’s tired. Getting a regimen together quickly became a matter of educating myself on all that goes into keeping my skin as happy and healthy as possible.

Bring on the Flood

Poor hydration has got me feeling all kinds of icky, so I am happy to start there. I know, another thing to add to the list of things to do on my daily, but my lack of hydration seriously has me feeling super tired and has me snacking six ways to crazy. My Calendar app has a hydration record, but I never use it. Primarily, I use it to track the symptoms and duration of my cycle, but it has helpful notifications features and logs to manage your intake. You can change the measurement and container style which makes things accessible. The app also helps remind you to drink water at convenient times for you. This is a free and easy way to get started with a proactive approach to taking care of my skin, so why not? In fact, my first notification came through as I wrote this part of the feature, so down the hatch!

You Are What You Drink


I know that minimizing my coffee intake is key to helping me be less jittery and to helping me see my skin as refreshed and rejuvenated. My jetting over to the local coffee shop for a midday cuppa had me dependent on a pick me up and got me thinking. If I could improve the quality of my sleep, I’d be sure to power through my workday and nighttime commitments without needing the caffeine to keep me propped up. Anyway, instead of counting the hours to my coffee break, I’ll have my water notifications coming through to redirect and replace any cravings. At night, I’ve ditched my usual glass of wine in favor of a decaffeinated herbal tea that gives me all the warm and fuzzies (perfect for cool Spring evenings).

DIY Your Undereye (We tried it, and you’ll want to)

I’ve long been a fan of skyn Iceland’s “solutions for stressed skin”. Their products are clean, 100% vegan, and cruelty-free. I have sensitive skin that is prone to being oily, so it’s been a long road to finding a brand that meets all my needs. Their shop is always so thoughtful, so I felt there had to be a deal to help me get my skin situated to see more sun. Browsing through, I came across the perfect, super affordable solution: the Winter Break Kit. Ideal for addressing dullness, dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles, this kit comes with an Arctic Hydration Rubberizing Mask, Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, Icelandic Relief Eye Cream, Pure Cloud Cream, and a Berry Lip Fix. I couldn’t believe how much came with this kit. Everything was easy to apply and the results were noticeable. The rubberizing mask was different, for sure. It is more intensive than the sheet mask you get on your Target run. After a quick mix, you spackle the solution onto your face with a thick application that sets comfortably. The eye gels (my favorite part) come next and they are the perfect calming little treat to help you recover from extra baggage or lack of water and sleep. The eye cream pen offers a quick cooling little burst day or night and the pure cloud cream offers a citrusy little pick me up. The piece de resistance comes in a cute little berry treatment that kicks chaps and cracks to the curb.

TL;DR: I loved the Winter Break Kit from skyn Iceland, especially as a travel essential or a girls night in.

Call In Some Back Up

At-home kits are great in a pinch, but sometimes, our skin needs extra-special love and care from a professional. Med spas are now a thing and salons have stepped up their game to compete, so you have plenty of options. I wanted to see the difference between taking care of my skin on my own and accepting the help from someone who might know more (or better).

Booking a facial comes with a serious amount of options, so I tried to maximize the indulgence. I wanted to enjoy the experience, but I also wanted a serious deep clean to help my skin bounce back. I settled in for a 90-minute treatment that quickly became my new favorite feature in my skin care/self-care regimen. Obaji products were featured throughout, enhancing the experience with light application and the maximum effect that revitalized the surface of my face, neck, and shoulders. The entire experience included cleanser, toner, another cleanser, two different masks, serum, moisturizer, and SPF protection. I added on an anti-aging protocol that offered an additional serum, eye gel, and moisturizer that targeted my puffy and dark under eyes.

I was convinced that my hyper-sensitive, oil prone skin was sure to overreact to all the steam and treatment (‘cuz she’s dramatic), but I left the salon feeling very well taken care of and heard. For the price I paid, the amount of products, services, and technology I had access to during my treatment was way beyond anything I would be able to duplicate at home. The session included a consultation and frequent, quick check ins during that helped me feel completely involved and present in my own care, health, and wellness.

Don’t be afraid of a subscription service or plan when available. Making monthly time for you is exactly what you need to stay on top of skin damage or concerns resulting from seasonal shifts this Spring. Additionally, it’s just nice to be taken care of after all you do.

To keep your skin as classic and elegant as you are, just be mindful and conscious of the effects of your lifestyle. We could all use a bit more awareness and education when it comes to your care, so read up often and keep your sources diverse. Aesthetic influencers, medical professionals, and self-care teachers can offer you a holistic approach to getting you ready, any time of the year.


Besos, Hermoza



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