Shop Bathing Suits for Apple Shapes

Shop Bathing Suits for Apple Shapes

Best Swimsuits for Apple-Shaped Bodies 
What is an Apple-Shaped Body?
It can be a challenge to find bathing suits for apple-shaped bodies that truly flatter your figure. At Hermoza, we believe every body is beautiful and that it should be easy to find swimsuits for apple-shaped bodies to accentuate that beauty even further. But what exactly is an apple-shaped body, and how do you know if you have one?
An apple-shaped body refers to a figure with wide upper body parts and thinner arms and legs. Some characteristics of an apple-shaped body include a full bust, broad shoulders, wide torso, and full hips that are narrower than the bust. An apple-shaped body is different from a pear-shaped body, which is heavier below the waist.
How to Choose a Bathing Suit for Apple-Shaped Body
If this sounds like you, it’s time to start searching for bathing suits for apple-shapes. When choosing swimwear for any body type, the key is to emphasize your strongest features and balance out your proportions. With an apple-shaped body, this means you should highlight your legs and chest while adding to the curve of your waist and hips.
You can flatter and tone your apple-shaped body with a high-waisted bottom and a tankini top. You can also mix and match bottoms and tops to find the best apple-shape swimwear for your specific dimensions that also match your personal style. We recommend accentuating the elegant curve of your hips by finding swimsuits for apple-shaped bodies with side-ties and patterned bottoms.
There are a few other factors you should consider while selecting swimwear for apple-shaped body types. For example, if you choose to wear a patterned swimsuit, you should avoid any swimwear for apple-shaped bodies with a distinct pattern on the stomach, as this can draw extra attention to the tummy area. We also don’t recommend wearing a swimsuit with a belt or horizontal patterns or lines that can make your body look wider.
The Hermoza Collection: Best Swimsuits for Apple-Shape Bodies
It can be daunting to find the perfect fit among the many bathing suits for apple-shaped bodies out there. We believe every woman deserves to feel confident in her swimwear and that it shouldn’t be a struggle to find the perfect fit. Here are some of the tried and true, best bathing suits for apple-shape bodies our customers love:
  • A-line swim dress. An A-line swim dress can help create a contrast between your hips and waist, allowing you to show off your butt while hiding your stomach area. The swim dress floats over the waist like a skirt and provides excellent coverage.

  • Hourglass effect swimsuits. The hourglass effect swimsuit creates the illusion of an hourglass figure by using cutouts, patterns, and lines. This type of swimsuit can help define your waistline with a see-through detail on both sides of the bathing suit.

  • Peplum tankinis. The tankini is a hybrid swimsuit between a tank top and a bikini and a fantastic option for apple-shaped bodies. The peplum tankini is meant to define your waist, hugging it to create an illusion of a slimmer waistline.

  • Deep plunging necklines. Swimsuits with deep plunging necklines help lengthen and slim your body visually, both in the torso and in the arms. They also help enhance the curves that you do have. Some swimsuits with plunging necklines also include a tummy control panel to improve the slimming effect.

  • High-waisted bikini bottom. Not all body shapes and types can pull off high-waisted bikini bottoms, but this type of swimsuit is perfect for apple-shaped bodies. The high-waisted bikini bottom helps accentuate your curves by defining the waistline and tucking in the belly fat. We recommend wearing a bikini bottom that goes above your belly button for this slimming effect.

  • Swimsuits with tummy control panels. Apple-shaped body bathing suits like these have tummy control panels that add an extra layer of fabric to define the waistline better and hide belly fat. This type of swimsuit also helps support a full bust.

    Find the Perfect Fit with Hermoza
    You can find the perfect fit for your shape, size, and style with Hermoza. If you want to look and feel your best, shop our swimsuits for apple-shaped bodies.
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