Ring in the New Year with a Vintage-Inspired Wardrobe Refresh

Ring in the New Year with a Vintage-Inspired Wardrobe Refresh

Ring in the New Year with a Vintage-Inspired Wardrobe Refresh


Whether you are snowbound this season or jetting away to warmer climates, Hermoza’s got your après-ski or sun soaked OOTDs queued up to make packing simple. Curating a winter style that won’t have you schvitzing up a storm is essential if you are going to remain effortless and chic. We are taking our cues from those bold Hermoza icons who inspire all the vintage vibes our closets can handle. Read on for our quick guide to paying tribute with pieces that’ll have your throwback making a comeback.


We All Want to be Royals



Winter coats, hats, and scarves have us turning to Grace, Kate, and Meghan for a little bit of diversity across the decades. From Princess Grace of Monaco, we learned how to style a pair of tailored, high-waisted trousers like there’s no tomorrow. Known for her statuesque silhouette, Grace Kelly constantly won her winter wear looks with subtle touches like a silk scarf instead of a bulky knit. The minute the barometer drops, many of us dash into styling with heavier textures, but a marvelous move any monarch would make includes lighter layers that highlight a simple (but never basic) elegance. Consider a wrap instead of a trench or faux fur and a long sleeve bodysuit instead of a high-necked sweater. This will ensure you keep it comfortable and classy darting in and out of doors.




Our modern take to capture that daring duchess style brings us to all the Kate and Meghan moves we’ve been watching since Day 1. Kate’s sophisticated polish and Meghan’s bold, yet functional pieces radiate flattering, feminine, accessible luxury. We love seeing them in styles that showcase an elevated, playful confidence that has easily become their best accessory. Meghan can pair her denims with a bodysuit and a blazer just as easily as Kate can keep her cold weather wear casual with a sport coat, bodysuit, leggings, and boots.




Keeping things light is our favorite way to keep our closets majestic, because, LBR, good taste is timeless. Hermoza’s got you covered with one-pieces that’ll help you serve up lush layers without making you feel like you are roasting by the fire every minute.




Consider our Monica one-piece in black for the perfect complement to any monarch mood. Meticulously constructed with fully lined fabric that still offers our lightest level of support, the Monica’s crisscross adjustable straps and classic cut on the bottom will have you feeling like the queen of comfort and style. This one-piece will look totally regal under a lightweight blazer à la Kate or a well-tailored coat à la Grace. Either way, you’ll rule, so reign on, Hermoza.


Change it up with a Little Stardust


Standing out without sticking out is one of our favorite things to do post holidays. After everyone has packed away their tinsel and tule, we like to keep things ringing all the way through the New Year with bold moves and looks that’ll have them ooh-ing and aah-ing. We are all about a cropped belted jacket that shows up for your glow up. Consider a structured vegan leather piece that’ll have you singing its praises to anyone with an ear to hear. Perfect over a divine bodysuit like our Elizabeth one-piece, the exclusive Bardot Stripe print paired with classic brown tones will have you channeling a massive 1970s vibe that speaks for itself.



We are here for high-waisted anything and especially if you are basking in some serious sunshine this winter, nothing says rock out turned knockout better than a gorgeous pair of tailored shorts. No need to keep it posh though – you can elevate a casual street style to suit your laid-back vacay mood. Find high-waisted shorts in rich fabrics as a perfect pop with a tucked-in button down or a hip and playful halter.



Our Emily one-piece comes in black and white or fuchsia and violet to give you a super cool pop of skin that is flattering and keeps your OOTD tasteful. With gorgeous ruching details that serve up a serious hourglass silhouette, the Emily is your BFF for maximizing your natural curves without restriction. Perfect with wedges for mimosas at brunch or with strappy stilettos at the disco, high-waisted-haltered is everything you need for a look that is far out and fashionable.


No need to reinvent the wheel for your wardrobe when you can look back to iconic styles that were elevated, bold, yet accessible and empowering. While you’re focused on ushering in a new year, why not get that new you situated with a few of Hermoza’s signature pieces and accessories for a bit more polish? Take a cup of kindness for yourself with a new year full of confident style that is full of life. That’s a resolution we can get behind.


Besos, Hermoza

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