Raise Your Rally Cry, Hermoza

Raise Your Rally Cry, Hermoza

Raise Your Rally Cry, Hermoza

Fashion enhances presence. Dressing for the life you have or desire has been the suggestion to generation after generation of visionary women aiming to raise the stakes and meet standards. But what if it is time we stopped looking at the lives of others to inspire us? That sounds odd, but what if what we really need is to fangirl over ourselves for a bit? Boost our spirits by showing up for ourselves? Rally in support for our own cause?


Hermoza is hardly about selfishness. We know you know the difference between that and self-care. We just think it is time women stop comparing their lives to what they see carefully curated behind filters. We know you are strong, beautiful, and focused. Why not get behind your own visions with a bit of “me time” to supercharge your vibes? Read on for a quick guide to becoming your own icon.


  1. Acknowledge your strengths. You are blessed with an abundance of gifts. Create spaces where you can use your strengths and where others can benefit from them. Seek a role in your community where you could be of service or where you can teach others your boss skills. There is nothing greater than women supporting women in this day and age.
  2. Surround yourself with a network of likeminded women. To be your own icon, you have to have clarity of vision. Raising each other up and holding each other accountable is exactly what makes the fairer sex the fiercest sex. No one can mess with a group of driven women who have a plan. Find friends and sisters who dream, work, and play as you do to ensure your outlook remains positive and to be reminded that you are never alone and are always loved and supported.
  3. Keep grinding. Hard work never hurt anyone. Invest your time, energy, and effort into work that ignites your passion. If you are truly good at something, find a space and time for that work. Anything you spend your time doing deserves your presence and effort. It should be wholehearted and positive. Find ways to grow and develop professionally to remain an asset in your field. Be open to suggestion and feedback that can serve you in meeting expectations. Seek colleagues that can help you diversify your approaches to your job to ensure you keep things fresh and inspired.
  4. Invest and indulge in beautiful things. Lee Radziwill once said, “when I buy something, I do so with the intention of keeping it forever.” How often do we actually do that? So much of our culture is centered on the right here, right now of instant gratification without considering long-term impact. When was the last time you indulged in something long-lasting? In quality? In something truly luxurious? Rather than a bath bomb, go get a facial at the salon. Instead of buying off the rack, have something tailored. Instead of ordering take out, attend a cooking class. Find a vacation that helps you learn something new. Then, bask in the glory of the sweetness of life. 
  5. Take great care of yourself. To be your own icon, you must eat right and well. Exercise. Get a good night’s sleep. Keep your skin healthy. Hydrate. The simple things we can do to be at our best seem like just more to do in a life already full, but you are hardly capable of doing anything if you run yourself ragged. Start with sleep. If you must, invest in a phenomenal mattress and pillow combo to ensure you sleep well. Everything else falls into place when you aren’t struggling through to 1:00 PM. Find a fitness program that works well for you. Meet others who are committed to staying strong. Then, fuel your body with that which energizes and nourishes you.
  6. Speak your truth into existence. It so beyond time for hiding behind your challenges. Seek the support you need to meet your struggles head on. Connect with a woman in your network whom you trust to give it to you straight. No one has time to waste on feelings and thoughts that do not serve you and that keep you from being connected and productive. Talk it out, then let it go. Sometimes, issues are bigger than a nagging worry. Reach out to a professional if what you are dealing with is more than you can handle.


Hermoza’s rally cry is in redefinition. When we started the brand, much of our vision was inspired by women in the fashion industry and on the silver screen. They were/are polished, elegant, effortlessly chic, and always dignified. We drew on their strength and their poise to show us how to achieve what we dream all women want – respectable presence and expression through a wardrobe that is fashionable, feminine, and well-fitting.


Now, our Hermozas are what inspire us. We design and construct solely for them. We see them living their most iconic lives and bringing our swim and resort wear along for their journeys. Our style is emerging with a dynamic vibrance of its own, much like what we see in their lives.


Our most recent launch is our rally cry. We have carefully created exclusive, bold prints, styles, and colors to represent who you have become to us. You are a beautiful balance of playful and sophisticated and are game to take on a challenge at a moment’s notice. You are timeless and classic, but never basic or average -- there are never any duplicates for our Hermozas.


You inspire us because we see how grounded you are in your love for others, in the work in which you invest, and in the brave voices you use to raise awareness for what matters. We see and hear you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives.


Besos, Hermoza

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