Putting a Pin in it with Hermoza

Putting a Pin in it with Hermoza

What gets me excited about the fashion industry is the abundance of artistry and design. Carefully curated content and fresh, innovative perspectives rejuvenate my spirit. I love seeing stories develop in collections and I envision the types of women gravitating towards certain pieces. I think of who they are, what they need, how they live, what matters most to them and I get inspired.


I think of my Hermozas. Who they are. What they need. How they live. What matters most to them. And, again, I am motivated to create. I love constructing pieces that meet women where they are, that help them LOVE the skin they are in. I couldn’t be prouder to hear how they feel confident and comfortable because Hermoza has helped them reinvest in their own inherent beauty.


Our Hermozas are taking risks and are bolder because they are rethinking how they have seen themselves. They are reshaping the vision they have been holding of who they are and what they need and how they live and what matters most because they are seeing clearly. They are constructing new ideas that affirm their strength, presence, and clarity. With this shift, women everywhere can see the potential in lives that are inspired and optimistic.


Hermoza was created on the principle that since we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we made it ourselves. Timeless, dignified swim and resort wear was just not available in heirloom-quality construction at an accessible price, so we made it ourselves. Our prints, colors, and designs are inspired by the faith and values that shape who we are as women. It brings us complete joy to see how our collections are enabling women everywhere to live lives of meaning as a result.


In creating our Pinterest boards, Hermoza aims to support you in finding inspiration and motivation to live meaningful, joyful lives. We have always loved Pinterest for event planning and for fresh, fun takes on reinventing our wardrobes. Life hacks and words of wisdom round out the experience to make Pinterest the perfect platform for cultivating our vision for Hermoza and the women who love her.


Who You Are

The Hermoza woman is elegant, sophisticated, and refined. Her taste and style are always on trend. She is alluring without being provocative and sexy without being gratuitous. She is feminine and fun and relatable. She is the girl you can’t wait to spend time with because there will always be plenty of laughter and plenty of memories to be had.


Our Vintage-Inspired board on Pinterest is full of polished perfection that is flirty and stylish. The entire board is full of smiling women in gorgeous silhouettes and captivating swimwear that just makes you proud to be female. It feels like Hermoza’s one-pieces have come directly from the beaches and resorts of the 1940s and 1950s to reinvent and reclaim retro glam. I mean, let’s be real: this women in these photos are just having a great time an we would love to join them!


What we see most in this board are women spending time together. Our Hermozas create strong bonds in their communities that enable them to maximize the excitement in life. Sisters, cousins, aunts, and moms bringing out the best in each other. Women supporting women is everything Hermoza has ever aimed to be and with our love for vintage-inspired swim and resort wear, our Hermozas will feel comfortable knowing they are always elegant and always beautiful with a classic, dignified grace that always serves up bombshell realness.


What You Need

Self-Care has long been a buzz word for helping Hermozas find the best version of themselves through DIY solutions. Many have argued that self-care is more than a face mask, some bath salts, a good playlist, and some journaling and we couldn’t agree more.


Self-Care is the cultivation of a beauty and pride that enables you to build confidence and clarity in your life. It is not an escape or a cleanse, but a series of choices you can make that create boundaries for authentic practice and awareness.


Our Self-Care board on Pinterest is more than repeating motivational quotations that belong embroidered on a pillow at your grandmother’s house. We have gathered and pinned checklists, challenges, and articles that illustrate what an effective self-care practice looks and feels like. This holistic approach to engaging your senses to develop a strong center is exactly what our Hermozas need to revive and refuel their spirits after the demands of their productive lives.


The best part of this space is you can customize a practice that meets you where you are, supporting you where you need it most. Self-Care is about creating realistic intentions for a life well-lived. Developing spaces to practice consciousness, kindness, purpose, and acceptance establishes awareness and commitment that will support our mindful Hermozas in all their endeavors.


What Matters Most

Our Hermozas strive to create spaces where loved ones can gather together to celebrate and relax. Our homes should be the place we most desire to be and with our Pinterest collections, yours can be refreshing, stylish, fun, and inviting. DIY for the Home offers you exciting projects, suggestions, tutorials, and patterns to freshen up your space without spending a fortune. Aligned with our eco-conscious commitment to the fashion industry, many of the pins we’ve found focus on repurposing and reimagining items for a refreshed functionality.


Plants for the Home helps you add vibrant touches to your space to minimize the clutter and maximize the sophistication. Bringing plants into your living space is one of our favorite life hacks that will reinforce your faith in the power of Mother Nature to soothe your spirit. From fun and distinctive succulent arrangements that are perfect gift ideas to innovative ways to cultivate your own indoor garden, this board is perfect for helping you create a home where you can breathe deeply and feel renewed in the process of growth and regeneration.


A Hermoza’s home is nothing without good food to nurture her soul. Our Summer Food and Drinks boards will have your event calendar booked just so you have excuses to whip up some of these fab recipes. Salads, small bites, cocktails, this board has it all! With inspired colors, ideas for locally sourced ingredients, and conscious meal planning, these pins will show you the delight in eating well and simply. We think the best complement to a renewed spirit and mind is a restored body, nourished by good food and excellent company.  


So, Hermozas, where are you going to start? Our process starts with buying a new journal, finding a gorgeous new plant, visiting the farmers market for fresh produce for a divine Caprese Salad, and then ending the day with some vision board building for our next vacation. We hope you feel inspired and motivated to embrace all the things that make your world beautiful. Our recommendation – start with you. Then, visit our Pinterest boards to join the community of women interested in motherhood, inspiration, our muses, and our lines of resort wear, two-pieces, one-pieces, holidays, and accessories.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 

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