Swimsuit Size Chart

Swimsuit Size Chart

A crisis doesn’t mean you let down your guard or lower your expectations. Sure, you’ve learned to roll with the punches like a champ, but you are still the iconic Hermoza we know and love. There’s no need to make any compromises that bring you discomfort. It’s essential to us that you know your swimsuit is hardly just a swimsuit – it’s a statement of your staying power. It is a nod to your ability to make the best out of the worst when it matters most.

Finding the perfect swimsuit + bodysuit combo is a win-win with Hermoza’s Santa Marta Collection. Ideal for the woman who is ready to elevate her expectations, our exclusive and updated pieces were designed to offer a perfect fit with sensational coverage and protection, season after season.

Swimsuit sizes have become more distinctive with some off-the-rack pieces coming in bra sizing, which might make a dash and grab Target run that much easier. But you’re more than just your upper torso, aren’t you? With flattering designs made from ultra-luxe fabrics, you have the privilege to find swimsuits sized specifically for your shape and style, without settling.
































A swimsuit size chart like this one puts you in a position to make informed decisions for heirloom-quality pieces that add perfection to your closet, but not before you take down your own digits.


How to Measure for a Swimsuit

  • Bust: Measure under your arms at the fullest part of your bust and keep the measuring tape level across.
  • Waist: Hold the measuring tape comfortably loose and measure around your natural waistline. The waist is the narrowest part of the body between the ribs and hips.
  • Hip: Stand with your feet together and measure around the fullest part of your hips to get a more accurate measurement.
  • Torso: Measure from your shoulder between your legs to loop back up to the start of your shoulder.

When you find your next must have, read through the design details and fit guide to see how our swimsuit sizes will work for you. With our ultra-luxe imported Italian fabrics, our swimwear exceeds expectations all on its own, but you still need the facts. Is it true to size or should you size up? Take a peek at what our Hermozas have said about their faves: “It’s like butter”, “almost like a second skin”, “fabric you can live in” – their excitement goes on and on because our swim and resort wear offers transformative experiences for women who are ready for something new and different. Additionally, our direct-to-consumer customer care will ensure you have swim and resort wear that can keep up with you.


Seriously More Than a Swimsuit

When you use swimsuit size conversion to demystify bodysuit sizing and styling, your wardrobe gets a much-needed refresh. Haven’t you felt limited enough this year? As your favorite local haunts slowly start opening back up, the first things you should be able to count on are your favorite slimming swimsuits to show up for you. Hermoza’s luxury swimwear collections have been designed and constructed specifically with you in mind because you need more to make up your mind than a swimsuit size chart. Women’s swim and resort wear is pivotal in the sustainable slow fashion movement as cornerstone pieces to help you transition from sunny days to sweater weather without batting a lash.

What better way to stake your claim on Fall 2020 than with swimming bodysuits that are well-suited for your effortless elegance? A swimsuit size chart will guide you to selecting swim and resort wear that takes your iconic style to the next level. With flattering designs and slimming silhouettes, Hermozas unique, vintage-inspired swimsuits offer women a chance to select something distinctive from those old off-the-racks that lack any charm. You should be inspired by your closet (because everyone loves a creative Hermoza). And styling can be a cinch if you know where to start.


See Yourself as More Than Your Size

Swimsuits sizes are versatile in their ability to keep you covered and cute while out for cappuccinos this Autumn as well as protected and pretty while playing at the playground with the kiddos. When properly measured, a swimsuit + bodysuit number can take your breath away while also giving you life. Gone are the days when you toss your swimsuit because it failed you again when you want to be beach ready and fabulous in Fall.

With fabrics that are soft to the touch and strong to the core, your fabulous natural shape sets the standards. Any of our four collections offer a sensational selection of investment-worthy pieces that are built to be more for you than letters on a swimsuit size chart. They are pieces that are consciously crafted and thoughtfully sourced to ensure you have the piece you need to celebrate your divine femininity.

Picking swimsuit sizes that are just right for right now puts you in a position where discomfort becomes more of your focus than making memories with your loved ones. If swimsuit size conversion is only suited for the summer, imagine what standards you’ll sacrifice for a fleeting trend. You are effortlessly chic, Hermoza, and it is perfectly fine for you to feel fabulous when it suits you.


See Your Suit as More Than Your Swimwear

With flattering features you won’t find on any swimsuit sizing chart, Hermoza’s exclusive pieces and perfect patterns will renew your faith in 2020. For instance, our best sellers will show you how swimsuit sizes should help you see your silhouette as more than a series of letters and numbers.

Have a thing for coverage that complements your curves but is also pleasantly playful? Our Genevieve is just right for you (and Oprah, because obvi).

Looking for something lovely that’ll look great with slacks after summer says so long? Our strapless swimsuits will show you that swimsuits size well in and out of the water. Our Leonor is proof positive with gorgeous global prints and colors that’ll help you rake in all the compliments.

And can you even with our new and exclusive Mac Two-piece Tankini Swimsuit Top?! Fun, feminine, and just a smidge flirty, the Mac is everything you need in a tasteful strapless to pair with a tailored pair of trousers. She’s also all you could ever want with a cute pair of shorts and wedges (for those lingering Saturday scorchers).

Swimsuit sizing charts are helpful, mostly. Putting all your eggs in one basket though with a measuring tape and a scale is a recipe for disaster. Consider fabric, style, features, hues, coverage, and your intentions when selecting a suit you can count on.  

Besos, Hermoza

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