NYFW 2019: Modern Takes on Classic Style

NYFW 2019: Modern Takes on Classic Style

Your Guide to NYFW 2019: Modern Takes on Classic Style

This past Spring, I lost it when I saw the Tom Ford Fall-Winter 2019/2020 collection. Never had I ever seen anything so supple and innovative as the line of textures and combinations that graced that runway.

Now that Fall is here, I get to relive its gloriousness in actual favor and anticipation of long sleeves and trousers.

And. It’s. Still. Amazing.

Tom Ford’s line is rich and opulent beyond anything I have ever seen. His blends of flowy sheer fabrics and opaque structure are the best depictions of fashion that is both functional AND avant garde. Casual cuff rolls on a tailored silk pant seem revolutionary. Standard darts and pleats in places you hadn’t expected. Romantic softer hues in breezy chiffons and silks harmonizing with chains in jeweled tones beyond the basic silvers and golds. Subtle shifts and embellishments in monochromatic palettes and vintage made modern still have me SMH (but in the best way). A jaw-dropping all black vignette is a showstopper for me while the introduction of what I think of as “chauffeur chic” or “street sophistication” ushers in winter resort wear and formal attire with stunning black and white graphic prints on suit jackets and elegant, hooded, tailored coats.


And don’t get me started on the BAGS. Or the strength and power in the shoulders of these designs. I could watch this show on loop forever without tiring of it while always seeing something new and divine each time. What more could you ask for from Fashion Week?


This Year

With the most current show from Ralph Lauren, Fall-Winter 2019/2020 is a gracious nod to the throwback treasures of a bygone golden age of jazz, noir, and the sleek coolness of those Casablanca vibes. If Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman were in this 21stcentury audience, they couldn’t possibly feel more at home.


Lauren revolutionized the runway with “Ralph’s Club,” a stunning experience that enabled models to walk amongst guests having dinner at tables, making breathtaking entrances that seemingly stop time. Just like the Lauren style. Just like the 30s and 40s. Just like REAL elegance. Period.


Women in classic black and white tuxedos are polished with clean lines and vibrant pops of red, yellow, and blue throughout the show, making a primary palette look ever so cool and collected. Flowy chiffon skirts paired with tailored double-breasted vests and coats walking along with a cigarette pant jumpsuit fusion that is just INSPIRED gave me chills.


I’m not apologizing. It was (and always will be) my favorite show of this season for the fact that this line speaks to the motivations behind Hermoza as a brand and collection. This show encapsulates everything that inspires our designs and construction. We aim to find that excellent balance and harmony of structure and flow. We gravitate to that old Hollywood made new aesthetic. We are suckers for lapels and bow ties and lounge singers and crooners, but we are also here for everything RL did with this show.


Imaginative and inventive, this line shocked me with a captivating gown embellished with a playful pup wearing a tuxedo made of sequins. A complementary sequined bomber jacket walked with a feather fringed skirt. Beach wave styling was paired with glorious floor-length silk gowns. And. It. Was. Seamless. Truly. It all just worked in that typical, effortless Ralph Lauren way.


And There’s More

Looking for that Spring Summer inspo, I came across the easy, breezy aesthetic of Tory Burch’s 2020 show. With a chaotic grid-shaped runway bordered by lush hedges that evokes a display at turn of the century Selfridges, this show is my second fave of NYFW.


Again, I was leveled by the unexpected – floral and lace dresses and suits of every shape and style paired with chunky, 90s-inspired sneakers, casual loafers, and flats. And then out walked the pumps and sandals. Polka dots and classic tan paired with jumpsuits sporting a silk gown overlay and bulky, bedazzled, embroidered knit sweaters. It was all just so perfect.


Sweet floral satin and silk dresses and comfy trousers and coats sported oversized (yet tailored) sleeves and legs. Prints and patterns mixed with a pop and panache that was just breath-taking, then out came Tory Burch herself, and it all made sense. She was effortlessly cool and chic with a comfortable and confident style and smile that just screamed Hermoza. At the end of the show, she was proud and gracious and said it all with a simple wave. Yes, girl. We are with you (and those amazing yellow pumps with your classic, boating chic. Yes.


When All’s Said & Done…

New York Fashion Week 2019 was just timeless, effortless, leisurely, and so, so, so cool. The constant influx of throwbacks were refreshed with unique takes that made the typical 1980s chic grandma and 1950s housewife couture accessible and practical and…neat.


So, what do you think, Hermozas? What were the NYFW highlights for you? What shocked and amazed you? Join the conversation in the comments section below or by tagging us on social media with #hermozawoman and #wellsuited.


Besos, Hermoza 

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