Mother & Daughter Bonding Ideas at San Diego Beaches

Mother & Daughter Bonding Ideas at San Diego Beaches

August in San Diego is an ideal time of year to visit the city. With warm breezes, sunny skies, and chill beaches, we know there’s nothing better for an end of summer trip. When visiting this beach city, we can think of a number of activities to do that could be amazing bonding experiences for mother and daughter! Here’s three exciting beaches to go to with your little one on your next trip (and what Mommy & Me outfits you can wear)!

Cardiff State Beach

For an easy beach day, we recommend taking a drive to Cardiff State Beach and setting up camp for the day! We love this beach for a number of reasons but we especially love the calmness of this shore. With beautiful sunsets and perfect waves, we think this is one of the best beaches for a relaxing day with your little one. Cardiff beach is also home to many sand crabs! A great mother & daughter bonding experience would be spending some time catching (and releasing!) these little crabs! Collecting seashells would also be a fun activity since this beach is covered in shells! After that, a yummy picnic and laying to watch the sunset is the end to a perfect day! An ideal, Mommy & Me outfit pair would be the Halle One-Piece Swimsuit in Santorini Dots and the Little Sarah One-Piece Swimsuit in Santorini Dots. With this pair, your “mini me” will feel cute and covered as she splashes about the waves.

La Jolla Beach

Another fun day spent in SD can be done at La Jolla Beach where you and your daughter can rent paddle boards and snorkeling gear! La Jolla is a perfect beach to bond with your daughter at because there’s so much to do and so much to see! Paddle boarding is our favorite summer activity and we think you and your little one will love it too! Snorkeling in La Jolla is a must do when visiting! You’ll see plenty of vibrant, beautiful fish and can even head over to the coves for a chance to visit Seal Beach! Yes, this is an entire beach dedicated to San Diego seals. Being up close to these creatures is something with think your daughter is going to love experiencing with you! La Jolla Coves have so much to offer and will leave you with a day full of memories. For a fun day like this, we think you and your little should be covered and secure in the Marisa One-Piece Swimsuit in Black Floral and the Little Vivi (or the Little Kate) One-Piece Swimsuit in Black Floral. Clean lines and SPF fabric provide full coverage on front and bum, perfect for Mommy & Me moments ashore.

Mission Beach

Last, and probably what your little girl will love the most, is Mission Beach! This is one of the busier beaches in San Diego (but for good reason!). Mission Beach is a large beach with Belmont Park right off its boardwalk. Belmont Park is a small amusement park equipped with plenty of rides, games, shops, and treats! You and your bestie are going to have such a memorable day riding rides such as the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster, Beach Blaster, and Thunder Boats. After this, walk along the boardwalk and pick up some churros or Dippin’ Dots. You can even take a step into the Sweet Shoppe for some ice cream scoops! With lots of nearby places to grab dinner, we recommend going to the rooftop restaurant, Cannonball, to watch the sunset, eat some sushi, and spend the rest of the evening enjoying time together. For a packed day of fun, we know you’ll need to be wearing the best duo outfits. For this day, we think you and your little one will feel stylish and comfortable in the Johanna One-Piece Swimsuit in Green Tropics and the Little Ellie (or Little Kate) One-Piece Swimsuit in Green Tropics. Let your little strut alongside you in your Johanna – the perfect Mommy & Me combo.

That’s just some of the ways San Diego is going to bring you and your little one together for a trip filled with lots of laughter and moments that she will never forget! Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures and wear lots of SPF when visiting America’s Finest City!



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