Modern Day Heroes & Icons of the Past

Modern Day Heroes & Icons of the Past

Many of you have expressed your gratitude for the commitment and hard work you've witnessed in Hermozas who have made differences in your lives. We've heard about teachers, employees in the service industry, medical professionals, and volunteers who have gone above and beyond to be there for others. 


Daily reports of Hermozas on the front lines who have worked non-stop to keep all of us safe and healthy have brought joy to our hearts. Our Modern Day Hero campaign begins with our first honoree.



When Carrie Ward brought lunch to ICU nurses at the hospital, she was doing more than feeding others. Her generosity of spirit nurtured others in their ability to serve the greater good. Trays and trays of healthy meals were safely wheeled into those working tirelessly to manage the care of so many who had already contracted COVID-19 or were already receiving medical care in the ICU when the pandemic hit.



Several carts of delicious food and adorable, handcrafted signs printed with the reminder to “stay strong” are representative of Carrie’s thoughtfulness. She realized that every minute of their shifts, medical professionals sacrifice their own comfort and well-being to ensure the safety and wellness of those around them. Working long shifts during hours that make it challenging to maintain a work-life balance, dealing with a lack of supplies, equipment, and resources to do their jobs effectively – this is the price they pay to uphold their oath to practice medicine.

For her tremendous act of kindness, join us in celebrating our Modern Day Hero, Carrie Ward who reminds us to check on those who live and do work for others, to keep service simple and sweet, and to extend every ounce of love possible to healthcare professionals and other essential services employees who so desperately need it in these uncertain times. We are grateful to you, Hermoza!


The Heart of a Saint



One of the most solid mainstays in the uncertain times of the twentieth century, Mother Teresa of Calcutta remains a model of selflessness. Her work inspired millions around the globe as she advocated for those struggling through illness or poverty.  

In Rev. Brian Kolodiejchuk’s book, Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light, we became acquainted with aspects of her life we could have never imagined. Mother Teresa wrote that her willingness to serve others was a “mask” she wore while persevering through obstacles of her own.

It was through her own experience with loneliness, sadness, and uncertainty that she was able to develop the empathy that became her global legacy. Her award-winning life (which includes receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979) is better defined by the overwhelming peace and hope she brought to so many.

Mother Teresa was bold and progressive. Her life’s work was developed through combatting adversity from a world that was convinced that doing her kind of good was impossible or lacked long-lasting impact. Those who knew her worked with her, or were witness to her distinctive presence were admittedly moved by her life and example. In his book, Something Beautiful for God, Malcom Muggeridge writes, "When the train began to move, and I walked away, I felt as though I were leaving behind me all the beauty and all the joy in the universe. Something of God's love has rubbed off on Mother Teresa."

Willing to be of service in any capacity asked of her, Mother Teresa is a timeless beacon of mercy, honor, and dignity in a world that often instigates fear and doubt. During her lifetime, the light she brought to others was made possible through her serene, courageous, resilient, and dedicated spirit. For us, her life will forever influence how we see the world, ourselves, and our faith.

During self-isolation, it would benefit all of us to focus on the tireless work of those who see the need in the world and resolve to contribute by any means necessary. Take the time to reflect on how living a life of unconditional love can help all of us get through limitations and restrictions that keep us from feeling the joy and beauty of a well-balanced life.


Want to Help?

Nominate a Hermoza in your life us so we can join you in extending our appreciation to the woman who has been clocking in and showing up no matter what. Tell us who she is, what she does, what qualities she shows on the daily that has you so on fire as her fan. Showing your appreciation is unconditional, so there are no rules when it comes to speaking out for that Hermoza who stands out. We just want to thank her properly!

As a gift for all she has done for others, Hermoza will open its store to all selected nominees to pick any item, free of charge, and with our compliments.

Email your nominations directly to us to nominate your modern-day hero.


Besos, Hermoza

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