Love At First Sight With Jumpsuits!

Love At First Sight With Jumpsuits!

Love At First Sight With Jumpsuits!




It started the minute springtime hit. I was so over winter with its sweaters and scarves. Don’t get me wrong – I love tights and boots and overcoats as much as the next girl, but by February, I was done. It was instant. The weather hit a comfortable 70° and I bolted to the department store to refresh my already tired wardrobe.


And there she was – the jumpsuit. I had never worn one before and had never even considered it, but my inner lazy girl was screaming! I would never have to pick a top for these pants, EVER. The perfect solution for casual AND formal occasions, WHAT?! She had me hooked the minute I saw her silhouette on the hanger. Elegant, silk and chiffon, black and floral print, AND POCKETS. Can we talk about pockets?? I was dying. It was like this jumpsuit was meant for me and me alone. She was completely affordable and my new favorite piece, until she wasn’t. I wore this jumpsuit to so many dinners, brunches, movie dates, wine tastings, I was exhausted again of having nothing to wear.



So, I went on a mission for “something new.” I had professed no intentions for this shopping trip, but secretly, I left in search of another jumpsuit. The ease with which I could get dressed and stylize my floral jumpsuit was ideal. I could dress her down with my favorite white tennis shoes. I could pair her with a light denim jacket if the night got too breezy; she was perfect. I had no idea what to expect as she was my first and the same thing goes with this first love feeling – you’ll never forget her.



I loved the fit: close to my collar bone for a delicate and flattering cut, slightly billowy at the waist to highlight an hourglass silhouette, an elegant capri length to spotlight my favorite strappy heels or my adorbs flats or slides, AND POCKETS. The palette was everything I needed it to be when I wanted to wear silver, or gold, or rose gold. I was in love, for a time. I was ready for something new, but I had no idea how tricky jumpsuits could be for women.





Finding something that was on trend, but classic -- my go-to aesthetic -- is always challenging because much of what litters the floors of department stores is cheap, fast fashion that is not appealing or chic. I always have issues straddling the line with pieces that are appropriate for a teen girl or for my aunt; it’s a delicate balance. I have a few tried-and-true brands I like online, but for a jumpsuit, the fit has to be just right and I was excited to try things on (for a change).




First thing on a Saturday morning, I headed straight for my favorite upscale shopping center and did my typical: coffee and small snack while window shopping. It’s therapeutic and meditative. Hardly anyone is out and about yet and it’s insanely quiet for the first hour the center is open. I make no decisions in my first few minutes (until I finish my coffee) to ensure I have weighed all my options and to create a strategic approach to maximizing my time there. Nutty, I know, but it’s my process. Don’t judge.



There were a few new stores the last time I went in, so I ventured in to see if anything called out to me. I am in and out quickly since I know what I like, and I know it when I see it. This is my favorite part of shopping because quick decision-making boosts my confidence. I don’t waste time, but I am NEVER in a rush when I shop. Trying on clothes is stressful enough, I am not going to zoom through on a time crunch, no thanks.





And then I saw her: the most ravishing jumpsuit ever produced on the planet, I was sure of it. Made of exquisite black fabric and large, white, playful polka dots, she was a stunner. Capri length with an optional, matching belt, I was dying. I stared for a good three minutes. I felt the fabric, looked at both sides, envisioned the shoes and jewelry I could pair with her until the salesperson approached and simply said, “I know right?” I breathed, barely. In fact, we stood there, hardly breathing together, just appreciating this gorgeous piece of fashion. I shook my head and she affirmed my love by saying, “I have one too.” It was like I met a kindred spirit and we became jumpsuit BFFs without even needing to know anything more about each other because NOTHING ELSE MATTERED EXCEPT THE JUMPSUIT. She got it. [Bless you sweet salesperson, whomever you are.]





Heading back to the dressing room, I passed another jumpsuit, this one much more vibrant, made of much lighter, breathable fabric. I grabbed it too, because hey, I could, and I was clearly on a roll. I tried the breezy one first. It reminded me of my floral first love but didn’t fit the same and wasn’t nearly as flattering. I mean – I could make it work by accessorizing differently, but why? My style takes thought, but little effort because I choose distinctive options that fit well, then they do all the work for me, keeping me comfortable and classy in every situation. And then, I tried on what I was sure was to be my NEW LOVE. The gorgeous polka dotted number that would continue my jumpsuit love and forever change my fashion life as I know it. Dramatic, for sure. But so is the jumpsuit.





SHE. FIT. LIKE. A. GLOVE. I fell hard. I knew she was the one and I never wanted to live without her for a second. The fit was just the best thing ever. It was as if she was compressive because the fit was snug, but comforting, not compressive. I could move and it was luxurious at the same time. No sacrifices. No settling. No, “I love this, but…” Until I saw the price tag. It was at least four times the price I paid for my black floral number. My knee jerk reaction was taking a hard pass on it altogether, but then I started thinking about my long-term relationship with this jumpsuit in my wardrobe. Where could we go together? What could we achieve together? Do I see a future together? The answer was a resounding “YES” and it wasn’t coming from the clerk waiting outside my door praying for the commission. I wanted this jumpsuit and it was because I needed to capture that exhilaration I felt when I looked in the mirror and fell in love not with polka dots and polyester, but with my own beaming grin. I loved me in this jumpsuit, and I was going to have it.





Brand new to Hermoza’s collection of resort wear for women is a divine jumpsuit cover up suitable for the beach or brunch. Designed to capture the sublime experience of falling in love all over again, the Ana long romper is a sight to see. We duplicated the flattering simple tie at the waist to invoke those images of effortless, chic realness while being practical. No one wants a cover up that looks like a potato sack, so we designed this look to help you always embody elegance in every situation.




With a ravishing, tasteful, goddess-inspired open back, the Ana is breathtaking from every angle. I have been waiting to introduce her to you because she is a pivotal piece in our collections. While I absolutely ADORE our short and long sarongs and I am even enamored by our Betty shirt dress, I can see myself MOST in the Ana. It might be because of this season’s trends, or it could be because of the absolute joy I felt that day in the dressing room, but I will always gravitate to a one-piece that “serves all the lewks.” Full coverage without being dowdy. Casual to dinner ready as quick as you can say, “tennies to heels.” The perfect canvas for delicate chains and bangles or a statement necklace and some sunnies. This jumpsuit is a game-changer for swim and resort wear.



With the Ana, packing and staying jet set just got a world easier. You are prepared for an afternoon barbecue AND evening cocktails at the resort. Wrinkle-resistant and easy to launder, there’s a reason why she is soon to be your new best friend. This jumpsuit meets you where you are to ensure you love the skin you are in. Easy on over a swimsuit or a bodysuit, you’ll look heavenly if she is travelling in your luggage with you.



So, what do you think, Hermoza? Have you fallen in love before (with your wardrobe)? We are keeping our fingers crossed that you do and even more so for you to give our Ana a shot. You won’t be disappointed.



Besos, Hermosa

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