Icons Who Inspire Us

Icons Who Inspire Us

The second nominee in our Modern Day Hero campaign is Cristina Goucher, big sister of Hermoza’s co-owner, Marisa De Lecce. A registered nurse in the emergency department with three kiddos at home, this Hermoza has us all in awe!

A former high school Science teacher, Cristina made the jump several years ago to pursue a career in medicine at the same time her husband, Nick (also a former Science teacher) transitioned to a career in law enforcement. A UC Santa Cruz alum and a fierce fitness competitor and trainer, Cristina maintains high standards and inspires those around her to do and see things differently. Five minutes in a room with this top tier Hermoza and you’ll be stepping up your A-game!

Her no-nonsense, tough as nails perspective on life is refreshing to all who know her. I mean, seriously, she is one of the most engaging debaters we have ever seen. Her laser focus redefines dedication and commitment in every aspect of her life.

She knows how strong and capable the female body is and she has made it her mission to educate others on the importance of real preventative care. Eating well and nutritiously, maintaining a consistent and challenging fitness regimen, dedicating your heart to your faith and your focus to your family – these are just some of her best practices for building up a powerful body and mind which, she feels, can help you tackle anything life throws your way.

Cristina’s faith and focus are due to strong family values and a devotion to serving others. As a working mom, she juggles dual expectations and social pressures all at the same time. But for Cristina, none of this seems to phase her. Her spiritual, emotional, and physical strength have a ridiculous balance all of us would love to emulate.

Coming from a family of healthcare professionals, you might say providing excellent care has always been in her blood. With two doctors and one nurse on her mom’s side and four doctors, five dentists, one oral surgeon, and one hygienist on her dad’s side, she was destined to eventually follow in her family’s footsteps! With such a tightknit group of individuals who prized education and family, Cristina’s beliefs and goals were well-nurtured from the start.

Working hard at the hospital to ensure everyone’s safety during this difficult time, Cristina was nominated by her goddaughter who adorably suggested there should be a statue built to honor her efforts and energy! We couldn’t agree more. Cristina is a phenomenal friend, sister, wife, and daughter and we celebrate her as an icon in our own lives.

Hermoza might not be in the business of building statues, but they are in the business of designing and constructing dignified swim and resort wear. Doesn’t Cristina wear it well?

As a nominee for the Modern Day Hero campaign, we’d like to share how much we admire Cristina's selflessness. Her drive and enthusiasm are everything we need right now!


Always the People’s Princess

Princess Diana has long captivated and inspired our aesthetic. Ever so cool and always so chic, Diana was one of the most sophisticated icons from our childhood. Speaking of a working mother who could do it all! Her humanitarian efforts changed the way others saw the less fortunate and reduced the stigma related to serving those deemed “unlovable” or “avoidable”. Diana brought our eyes and hearts back to a focus on human rights, fighting tirelessly to amplify and share the voices of the forgotten or overlooked.

Visibly anxious when in the spotlight, Diana always soldiered onward, especially for causes near and dear to her heart. This kind of resilience and focus shows us exactly what our favorite Hermozas are made of. Despite her nervousness in public, Diana was unwavering. If work needed to be done, she was the first to roll up her sleeves. In addition, she would rally everyone around her to help. She demolished barriers between her and what was expected of royals at the time. She made unconditional compassion an essential human act, not one reserved for a select few. She taught people that it is always the right time to choose kind and to do what is right. Her presence changed lives and developed tolerance in a world that seemed harsh around her delicate, sweet temperament.

She was fearless even though she struggled with her own mental health. She believed at her core that people are worth fighting for and that’s what made all of us love her so much. She was honest and refused to be ashamed of or embarrassed by the challenges she faced. She was an advocate for wellness long before many others gave the field any attention. She talked openly about generating strong self-esteem and wore hers as one of her best accessories. She raised awareness and got all of us talking about issues that mattered. Another Hermoza who brings out the best in everyone she met?! Yes, thank you.

The best news is that Diana’s example inspired her sons to carry on her life’s work. They maintain charities and remain involved in supporting hostels for homeless youth in the UK and in continuing to speak publicly on issues surrounding mental health and wellness. Her sons have even maintained their support for an award in their mother’s name that honors individuals from 9-18 years of age who demonstrate courage, kindness, and compassion, everything the Princess herself will be remembered for sharing with others.

Know a Hermoza who shines a light and uplifts others in these uncertain times? Think she could use a bit of a boost of her own? Email your nominations directly to us to nominate your modern-day hero.


Besos, Hermoza

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